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Album Review: We Butter The Bread With Butter – Projekt Herz EP

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 1:21 PM (PST)
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Germany’s We Butter The Bread With Butter may have an extremely obnoxious name, but don’t underestimate them. The band’s music, regardless of the ridiculous name, is quite decent.Consider that there are bands with kind of cool names (like Falling In Reverse or Design The Skyline, for example) who suck more than truck stop lot lizards. While I was super biased against The Devil Wears Prada for years because I thought it was the dumbest name I’d ever heard in my life, they are actually cool dudes and their last record Dead Throne was a monster. So, while Prada and We Butter The Bread are up there with The String Cheese Incident when it comes to corny band names, let’s cut them at least a tiny bit of slack. If every band was called Aborted or the truly ridiculously named Conducting From The Grave, that would get tiresome as well (and frankly, does).

This Project Herz EP shows the band growing strong and is worth a listen if you want to put something new on your radar you may not have heard yet. They have played huge festivals like Summer Breeze and shared the stage with the likes of A Day To Remember (I know you death metal fans all have boners right now), All Shall Perish and…Eyes Set To Kill (ok, maybe now you have boners). Anyway, WBTBWB are pretty awesome.

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The electro-laced EP starts with a creepy but tension building intro with eerie elements before crashing into the almost Industrialized groove metal feel of 1000 Volt. There’s definitely a melodic undertone and a sense that they are not from the USA in the accented, hoarse vocals. Plus, the band is just more creative than most stateside metal core bands (with the exception of maybe This Or The Apocalypse or KsE). SOme parts, like the danceable intro to “Mayday Mayday” prove they could crossover with the emo crowd, but the band have balls. The industrial vocals really sound pretty throwback, which is a total compliment and makes the style melding really work. There’s almost a metalcore Chemlab/Rammstein feel to some of it.

There’s a lyric video on Youtube for “USA” nut the real standout track is the face hammering march of “Soldat”, which proves this band mean business, slipping between whispered and screamed vocals and in and out of purgatory and hell. It will make you want to do naughty things and then mosh. This was not what I was expecting at all.

Give these dudes a chance and they won’t land butter side down.

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