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Album Review: Witchthroat Serpent – “Sang-Dragon”

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 9:51 AM (PST)
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Starting off with the freaky wah-bly feedback intro of “Hydra’s bewitchment”
into the marvelously named “A caw rises from my guts” (best name ever?) and
never looking back, the new Witchthroat Serpent album Sang-Dragon finds the
Toulouse, FR band pummeling skulls and plunging fingers into the red, mucky
remains to declare “Doom”!

Obvious Electric Wizard comparisons aside, the band are devoutly focused on
achieving maximum impact with each solid riff, beefy drum hit and a general
aura of massive fuzz. Seriously, this is like smoking a giant blunt lit with
hellfire and watching the attack of the fifty foot woman‘s full bush beaver
descend from space to swallow the earth in darkness. A melodic sensibility
akin to the sort of don’t stray too far out of the lines Cathedral or Mirror
template works well, similar to how Electric Citizen or The Skull mine the
blues and doom forefathers but still make a mark. It is almost as heavy as
Monolord without being as dark vocally, more akin to the 70′s classics.

There are some sexy, bluesy laid back licks in the intro to “Siberian Mist”
that call to mind the more somber moments of Geezer and Down before a
thumping sort of heavy Purple Sab wall slams down like a portcullis. “Lady
Sally” starts with a march reminiscent of something off Melvins’ The Maggot-
era but with, again, a retro vocal and a monster chorus of the song title
bellowed with passion. I’ve been listening to Filth Pig by Ministry a lot
lately and the song “Lava” and likewise this tune reminds me of how Steve
Albini I believe once said if you have two notes you have a song, if done
well. Fuck yeah. This shit hammers it home.

Other numbers also give the doom and sludge fix plenty of calories to chaw
on. “Behind Green Eyes” is not an updated Who classic with emphasis on witchy
women, or, shit…maybe it is? Nah, it’s way too doomy but certainly could
bubble alongside a Cauldron set at a venue near you. Check this record out.
It crushes and is one of the more solid this year in the genre, if not that
adventurous when it comes to disastrously risking it all it is surely


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