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Suicide Silence.All Shall Perish

Former All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida has already made his live debut with Suicide Silence.

This summer the band, now fronted by Hermida will head out on Mayhem Fest and on July 15 will drop their first album with Hermida, You Can’t Stop Me.

In preparation for that album, I’d like to look at some deep cuts from both the three albums Hermida did with All Shall Perish as well as all the Lucker-led albums, EPs and demos Suicide Silence has released.

To check out all the deathcore mayhem click here. RIP Mitch!

Since neither of these bands exactly have singles (out of their entire current discography, Suicide Silence has two singles – “Wake Up” and “Disengage” and All Shall Perish has three – “Eradication”, “Divine Illusion” and “El Pasado Nos Perseguirá”) I considered both bands’ videographies when looking for which songs to avoid as far as my ‘deep cut’ picks.

1. All Shall Perish – “When Life Meant More”

Deathcore is a genre that blends the angst and politics of hardcore, with chugging guitars and differing vocal styles from the classic death growl to the pig squeal, to straight up screaming. “When Life Meant More” accomplishes that. Hermida growls his way into the track, and does this climbing and descending growl that throws and churns the listener through the song. This song is tight, mostly a chugging piece with lyrics like, “I will never let them break me down // These hands will never be bound!” and some sweeping solos thrown in. A promising track from a band I’d never really thought about until recently.


2. All Shall Perish – “Black Gold Reign”

This track steps the game up significantly. Hermida starts off screaming the intro before plummeting into a deeper growl. About midway through the track he then pulls off some near 80’s NWOBHM shrieking.

This is the song that dispels any question about Hermida’s chops. Even though it’s the second track on the same album as my first pick , it seems to be somuch better. The solos in this track are more involved, the track traverses through more melodic instrumental parts while staying true to metallic vocal stylings and brutality. And there’s no denying that the lyrics are politically intense: “Trade us all ’til black gold rains // Fought this fight, there’s no end in sight except for our rights!”


All Shall Perish


3. All Shall Perish – “There Is No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet (Featuring Gunface of The Red Chord)”

This track from Hermida’s first album with All Shall Perish finds them picking up some support from deathcore forefather Gunface, from The Red Chord. One of the heaviest songs in the All Shall Perish catalog it isn’t dressed up at all. Its one and only aim is to chug and smash face from beginning to end, and it succeeds.


Now, on to Suicide Silence, which is a bit more complex.

1. Suicide Silence – “Stand Strong”

I’d like to reach back all the way to Suicide Silence’s second demo, released in 2004 and pull out a track that proves just how death metal Suicide Silence can be. Despite what detractors say, the growl-and-scream of “Stand Strong” proves that Suicide Silence put their own brand of death into deathcore.


suicide Silence

2. Suicide Silence – “Lifted”



Off of Suicide Silence’s sophomore full length No Time To Bleed, “Lifted” is Suicide Silence’s signature sound. It posses chugging guitars, Lucker’s seamless movement between screaming and growling and Lopez’s militant drumming. Never afraid to write about heavy topics, this song discusses addiction of some kind: “You’re scared, so weary and worn the fuck out // The addiction’s made you so sick, so sick and filthy // Poison!”


3. Suicide Silence – “Green Monster”

One of their earlier tracks, released first on their 2006 demo before being released on their debut full length The Cleansing, Green Monster carries a type of feel that The Cleansing was built on. The way that Lucker’s words seemed to down stroke in synch with instruments is key. The lyrics at first may seem anti-capitalist: “Nothing can ever stop this campaign // Not when everything // in life revolves around this pain // The rich get richer // the poor get poorer!” But then prove to be more specifically anti-Big Oil: “For those of you who // contribute to its growth // You’re only feeding this oil empire // Like throwing gas into this fire!”


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