Alterbeast prepare to release debut album

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 3:34 PM (PST)

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California death metallers Alterbeast are preparing to unleash their debut album Immortal via Unique Leader Records on March 18.

Check out a comment from vocalist Cam Rogers as well as a tracklisting for Immortal and a video for “Flesh Bound Text” here.

Cam Rogers on Immortal:

Immortal is what was spawned from hard work, dedication, and downright brutal musicianship. It has intricate solos, absolutely crushing interludes and brutal circle-pit anthems. ALTERBEAST sets the scene with grievous piano preceding the onset of ‘Flesh Bound Text’ which comes in with blistering drums and guitars effortlessly making their way around the fret board. Every piece truly has its own personality on this record, whether it’s the apocalyptic soundscapes of ‘Ancient’s Retribution,’ the devastating aggression of ‘Vile Remnants’ or the unmerciful grooves in ‘Throne of Maggots.’ This album has something for every listener and comes together seamlessly to form as a breathtaking whole. Immortal is exactly what we intended it to be: a gripping and intense death metal album.”


Immortal Track Listing:

1. Flesh Bound Text

2. Of Decimus Divine

3. Vile Remnants

4. Ancient’s Retribution

5. Mutilated Marvel

6. Into Oblivion

7. Serpentspire

8. Throne of Maggots

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