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America is still a slaughterhouse and #blacklivesmatter. Musicians react but how do we heal divides?

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 10:36 AM (PST)


I’m literally so nauseous today after the news cycle and continued execution of black men in America. I can only imagine how it feels to be black. As a bi sex white male, I have only ever faced a fraction of that discrimination (clarification: not to discount my own painful experiences or queer people who have faced violence, but I’ve never received hate on a racial level). But I saw Adam Lambert post a #blacklvesmatter Tweet and felt better.

Many people are speaking out, from Drake to Otep to Bernie Sanders to Vernon Reid and thankfully many of my fellow writers in the music scene (great to see). MTV is kicking ass with very legit think pieces like “American Horror Story” or this MUST READ about Reagan and Republicans former stance on gun control as a means for racist goals (hypocrites)! Solange sang beautifully.

#PhilandoCastille had a conceal and carry permit!

Major props to Wavves for his letter yesterday.

I tweeted some Boogie Down Productions lyrics to Chuck D yesterday: “On the ground was a bottle of Snapple…” Heads know what that is from. But I felt weird as it got little hearts on Twitter. Not because the lines are from a KRS lyric about standing up when confronted with Police Brutality, but because I’m just some white dude. But y’know what? Experiencing multiculturalism is not weakness and is far better than division. It is ok for me to agree that blacks have a right to defend themselves when attacked unjustly.

Yes,  I am stoked as hell Adler reunited with Guns N Roses last night. I could be and should be writing about that as this is a metal site, but these issues affect us all. Humanity will be destroyed by divisions like this. And as much as I love “They’re Out Ta Get Me”, they aren’t out to get Axl. Anyone who has a problem with the phrase #blacklivesmatter is sucking a pacifier and has a contextual disregard for focus issues. Like if your wife or sister or mom got punched in the face and someone said, “But that happens all over the world. Why are you complaining?” 

Completely missing the point. 

I grew up with Public Enemy and Anthrax. That changed my LIFE.

All I can think to do today is add my voice to the choir and hope to present that not ALL Americans are insane. Trump’s race baiting spreads the kind of fear that leaves people DEAD. It is even dangerous for whites. He is the epitome of stupid …except it is a show and that is EVIL. He probably DOES think that Hans was the hero of Frozen and harassed by SJWs, though.

Anyway, here is a bangin’ new Afropunk Mixtape featuring Nova Twins, Unlocking The Truth, The Difference Machine and more. Blast it and spread some love. They are a great organization and I was honored to share a stage briefly years ago when my old band DIVEST put out a 7″ with Dr. Know from Bad Brains.  I am truly lucky and can never forget that.

I just know that today…I can’t muster the energy to do regular album promo posts or talk about some tour or CD sales (though the new King Buffalo is up for preorder and is amazing stoner rock). I hope maybe spreading some love is a little bit of help.

All I know is black people shouldn’t need to tell white people or anyone how to be good allies. We should already decry obscene acts.

More below.


We all access certain issues from our own experiential place, anxiety, bias, fears or daily levels of insecurity or competency. Not even sure I ought to write this again as I planned not to but is from place of kindness, so…I tried to help Yasmine from TEARIST a lot last year who, if you are unfamiliar, is a hugely talented noise rock singer who has been through a ton of shit so undeservedly…but in process of trying to be friends and offer support I also alienated her after I genuinely fell for her and had major panic attacks while under serious stress and confusing times of my own. And I can’t blame her for distancing herself even though I couldn’t be more heartbroken our connection suffered and wish I could heal trust and  some manner of friendship. It is very hard for me to trust anyone myself and I have some major trauma, communication and emotional hangups, so has really deeply eaten me up that I ended up stressing her out. But I bring this up only because…this country so needs…this world so needs to be more objective (that’s absolutely not a criticism of her but something I am applying to myself). And while I actually suffer major depression issues at times, it is easier to navigate triggers than face actual triggers facing you while you have a baby behind you, like we all witnessed on many Twitter feeds and social media platforms after these horrific killings.

Makes my chain smoking cigs lately while feeling low and bad at communicating feel a bit narcissistic in comparison.

We need compassion and love so badly in the world. Ogyen Trinley Dorje the Karmapa of Tibet says:

Wherever we are and whatever we do, while staying continually mindful and alert to the state of our mind, to benefit others is the practice of a bodhisattva.

I aspire so much to that and wish we all would.

YouTube Preview Image

“Death Row…What a brother know…”

Christ, I was statutory raped by the twice older than me relative of a racial issues Pulitzer Prize winner when I was young (a VERY true story), in a place I was not in a position of power and while on multiple bags of heroin after a Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson show at the Garden. For years I thought, how can I tarnish the reputation of someone who came from a lineage of such important struggle. And yet I also know she, the individual, was very hurt inside and an addict with major self esteem issues and deep pain. We somehow were able to become friends again after that years later.

I bring that up because we have to find ways to address problems and heal and not attack one another and perpetuate the fear state for the ones who want to control us. We can like Nails “You Will Never Be One Of Us”, but what about being an ACTUAL minority who are murdered daily? What if it was pregnant white women as the demographic dying daily at the same rate? How would fear in society be represented in the media then?

I love you all so much, from day to day readers to people I even argue with who don’t share remotely my political beliefs or people I have wasted years in the punk and emo scene arguing with like Coheed and Cambria (even if I was sticking up for my little sister). We are human beings alive on Earth. It is a miracle. I’ve become obsessed with the impermanence of things since my father died and my mom developed dementia that stole her life’s memories. So I have been overdoing it stressing love and saying how much I value everyone lately, but what if you had to live EVERY DAY with no one placing value on your very life for your race or gender or sexual orientation?!

We need to seriously look into non lethal forms of stopping “crime”.

Carrie from punk indie legends Sleater Kinney had this Tweet to take action for facing Police Violence in your state. I don’t know what else to do but feel deeply ashamed for society. One love. PMA.

I am now officially crying my eyes out. God bless.


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