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Posted by Lucas Riot on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 1:21 PM (PST)

Anterior logoUK melodic deathcore band Anterior are currently in the studio working on their yet untitled followup to 2007’s “This Age of Silence” from Metal Blade Records.  The band is posting a studio diary throughout the process.

Bassist James Britton writes: “I thought I’d keep you updated with what’s happening in the Anterior Camp at the moment since Luke and myself just got back from 8 days in the studio and Nixon has now flown back to sunny Scotland.

It’s been pretty brutal, doing rhythm guitars for about 11 hours a day. Scott Atkins is a real workhorse but its all going well and sounding awesome!!!

So in between all the drunken madness here’s what’s been happening…”

To read the rest of the update click here.

“Obviously the first day we spent mostly getting a guitar sound, trying various heads and cabs to find what suited the songs best. To be fair it wasn’t very difficult to get to the end result I think Scott and ourselves had a pretty good idea what we wanted. We ended up using the 5150 (well 1 of 3 we had there!) through a mesa cab with vintage 30’s. It sounds really tight and crisp and it’s a very clear distortion especially with the JJ tubes and the bias set correctly. Everything’s so clear and precise which is important with detuned guitars. We’re mostly tuned to D standard for this album although there are a couple of tracks in Drop C.

The tracking has been going really well and we’re trying to keep the vibe as much as possible with the guitar tracks, tracking without the click unless it’s essential. Zoning in on the drums gives it a lot more life, the riffs move with the drums and you hear different ways of accenting notes that wouldn’t be apparent if just tracking to a click. Although It’s more difficult to get the guitars super tight this way, especially when double tracking everything, but it does prevent the guitars sounding sterile and clinical, as if played by a robot.

Scott has got a great ear for tone when tracking the guitars and he’s always challenging us to get the right feel with the takes, it’s amazing the difference in a riff when moving your palm 1mm when muting or picking slightly harder or lighter on certain notes. Its good to have a real producer on this album who is always throwing his two cents into the mix and the songs are constantly evolving and improving because of this. We’re really ironing out all the kinks, it’s not just been a case of tracking the guitars exactly as they were in the demos.

We have had a few tuning issues as recording guitars always comes with tuning headaches. But I don’t think the weather has been helping with it being like -4 outside with snow blizzards (although it provides a great beer chiller) and it being like Barbados inside the studio after a few hours.

The temperature change was putting the guitars out a quite a bit and it was a bit of a battle especially with the major and minor third type chords.

They’re so sensitive and need to be bang in tune to sit right and certain sections had to be tuned by ear.

Other than a power cut one afternoon we’ve been making good progress on the guitars and we’re about half way through all the rhythms at the moment.

Anyway guys, overall it’s sounding pretty amazing and I can’t wait for you to hear the new tracks. I’m looking forward to getting some real food now after a week of pot noodles and hot sauce I think we need a pot noodle endorsement now that would be bad ass!

We’re heading back into studio on the 11th for a few days to finish up the rhythms so expect another update soon after that!”

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