Arch Enemy begin work on new album, post first “studio update” video

Posted by Tommy on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 11:06 AM (PST)

Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Arch Enemy have announced that they’ve entered the studio in Sweden to begin working on their forthcoming album, tentatively scheduled for a May 2011 release on Century Media.

You can watch the first studio update video by clicking here. Drummer Daniel Erlandsson had this to say about the new album and entering the studio:

“After an intense but inspiring stay in the studio, I’ve just completed recording the drum tracks for the upcoming ARCH ENEMY album! We’re working once again with Rickard Bengtsson, who produced ‘Doomsday Machine’, and he quickly dialed in an absolutely pristine drum tone! I’ve also had the expertise of local drum guru Beppe Wackelin at hand, helping out with tuning and kindly letting me use some of his vintage drums. This time around I’ve used a Pearl Reference drum kit, while incorporating various snare drums on songs that demanded a slightly different feel. We had a very inspiring and creative time writing this album. I think this is definitely evident when listening to the new songs. There’s tons of variation in the material, ranging all the way from very melodic to extremely heavy. As you can expect there’s no shortage of killer riffs and intricate guitar work; the Amott brothers [Michael and Chris] have come up with some very cool yet demanding ideas! This album has some of the fastest songs I’ve ever recorded, along with a bunch of heavy pounding mid tempo songs. As always, it’s difficult to describe music in words, but rest assured – this album will be one heavy fucker!”

The band’s latest album Rise Of The Tyrant” was release September of 2007 on Century Media.[youtube][/youtube]

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