Arrayan Path (Formerly known as Arryan Path) announce two new albums, explain the band’s name change

Posted by Tommy on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 10:00 AM (PST)

Greek power metal act Arryan Path, or should i say Arrayan Path, have announced plans to release two new albums, and explain their reasoning for changing their name.

The band has announced that they’re upcoming third album, “Ira Imperium” will be released in September, and will feature a special guest vocalist whose name will be released in April. The band isn’t stopping there and will be releasing another album shortly after. That album, titled “Stigmata,” will be released in early 2012. The album’s will be detailed later this year.

With the new albums comes a new band name. The name, brought in part mainly because the band members were tired of explaining that “Arryan” was in no way related to Nazism, racism, or any other extreme political views. Vocalist Nicholas Leptos states,

“This was always evident through our lyrics and live shows but despite our best efforts to try to convince people otherwise some still chose to look at it differently. What does the new name mean…? Absolutely nothing! The decision to modify our name wasn’t easy but we felt it was needed so there you have it. ARRAYAN PATH’s music will remain in the same style and “Road to Macedonia” and “Terra Incognita” will still be played live and will still be mentioned in our discography”.

The band’s latest album “Terra Incognita” was released on February 2010 on Pitch Black Records.

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