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Asphyx studio update on “Deathhammer”

Posted by NichTheHair on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 1:12 PM (PST)

Dutch death metal band Asphyx is currently working on songs for the upcoming “Deathhammer” album. In January, Asphyx will again enter the Sonic Assault studio to record the first tracks together with their sound engineer, Frank Klein Douwel. Current titles are “Reign of the Brute,” “Vespa Cabro,” “We Doom You To Death,” “Asphyx-Minefield,” and the title track, “Deathhammer.” Axel Hermann will do the cover artwork, and Dan Swanö will do the mixing again. “Deathhammer” will be released from Century Media.

This release marks their eighth full length album in their more than twenty year career. “Deathhammer” is preceded by “Death…The Brutal Way” which was released in June 2009, which was their first release since 2000’s “On the Wings of Inferno.” After many break-ups and disbanding, Asphyx seem to have worked out all the mess and continue to put forth a brutal effort in death metal.

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