Awesome Shape Of Despair early 1988 demo “Alone In The Mist” news

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 10:06 AM (PST)


Finland’s Shape Of Despair have premiered a re-released (in a sense) track from 1988 with Decibel HERE and it is gorgeous, dark and brilliant.

The Alone In The Mist demo was originally heard by very few when the band was called Raven (which I’m sure they must’ve eventually reconsidered due to the Gallagher brothers’ NWOBHM band already having been popular for some time. Anyway, these early recordings are beng given a proper showing under the Shape Of Despair handle, as they were the seeds that started the journey.

If you are a fan of the more morose and melodic side of funeral doom, skip on over to Decibel today and let your smile be eroded as murky clouds and broken hearted, slow dirgey glory covers the sun. I love hearing early or older stuff like this.

Regarding the demo, SHAPE OF DESPAIR founder Jarno Salomaa comments, “So what exactly do you find on ‘Alone in the Mist’? Besides the first songs ever written for SHAPE OF DESPAIR – at that time still named RAVEN – these represent my first ever attempt at doom as well. Those tracks are the outcome of solitary inspiration through dark woods and good music. This demo was never fully released – do not bother to ask why, because I cannot remember the reasons at all. ‘Alone in the Mist’ was only tape traded without any cover or anything else with just a few people that we knew or were in contact with.”

‘Alone in the Mist’ will see a first-ever release on December 9 on CD (limited to 1,000 copies) and limited double LP (with D-side etching, limited to 666 copies). Each format limited to a single pressing, and pre-orders are available now at the Season of Mist E-Shop.


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