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Band Spotlight: Crowbar

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 10:42 AM (PST)

New Orleans’ Crowbar are an underground metal institution. There may be much newer bands on the block but Crowbar’s 20 years (and counting) sludge reign always deserves praise. Kirk Windstein’s gruff vocals and abyss dredging riffs are pure, scarred and weathered, yet remain potent. From stunning the world with the low end of “All I Had (I Gave)” back in the day to penning maybe the best doob-friendly riff ever in metal this side of Black Sabbath (“Planets Collide”), Kirk has kept it real. He even manages to also keep Down and Kingdom Of Sorrow original as well without watering down the Crowbar brand. Horns!!! (Pic by R.Weiss)

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