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Bask robbed just before coming home from Europe

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 10:57 AM (PST)


My O.G. friend Jesse’s band bask from North Carolina have been having a ball with High On Fire overseas, until last night. This blows goats.

We deeply regret we are forced to cancel our final show in Stockholm, Sweden tonight. Last night we were robbed in Gothenburg and all our guitars, amps & pedals were stolen. Below is a gear list of missing items. Please be on the look out. Any help is appreciated.

full list of missing gear BELOW.

(1) Gibson Les Paul Classic Guitar. 1993. 1960 reissue. think line neck serial: 35964
(1) Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar – Black – with hardshell case
(1) Fender Jazzmaster Guitar Serial # MX14470114
(1) Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar serial# 127210685
(1) Fender Jazz Bass – American – sunburst
(2) Orange Rockerverb 100 Guitar Heads with flight cases
(1) Fender 65 twin reverb amp with flight case
(1) Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine pedal
(1) Boss dd3 delay pedal
(1) boss rv5 verb guitar pedal
(1) blackout effectors sibling phaser pedal
(1) boss tu-2 tuner pedal
(1) ibanez tubescreamer guitar pedal
(1) Dunlop Volume X guitar pedal
(1) Way Huge swollen pickle fuzz pedal
(1) pedal train Jr pedal board & bag
(1) 1 spot power supply
(1) SKB series les paul style guitar flight case
(1) Shure SM 58 microphone
(3) Mogami Gold 25 ft instrument cables
(1) Dunlop Way Huge red Lama overdrive pedal
(1) Blackout effectors twosome fuzz pedal
(1) boss ce 5 chorus pedal
(1) Moog mini fooger delay pedal
(1) Blackout effectors cadavernous reverb pedal
(1) old blood noise endeavors precession reverb pedal
(1) TC electronics poly tune 2 tuner pedal
(1) ernie ball volume pedal jr
(1) 1 spot power supply
(1) monster classic coil instrument cable
(1) monster performer 600 instrument cable
(1) pedal train metro 24 pedal board and bag
(1) brady case custom ATA flight case for guitar
(1) shure sm 58 vocal microphone
(1) Custom Armando ATA flight case for bass guitar
(1) pedal train jr pedal board and bag
(1) ernie ball volume pedal
(1) boss tu 2 chromatic tuner pedal
(1) boss dd3 digital delay pedal
(1) tc electronics HOF reverb pedal
(1) Pigtronix Disnortion pedal
(1) MXR bass octave deluxe pedal
(1) 1 spot power supply
(3) mogami gold 25 ft instrument cables
(1) 4 ft speakon cable
(1) Drum Hardware case (black rectangular)
(3) DW boom cymbal stands
(1) DW snare stand
(1) DW drum throne
(1) DW hi hat stand
(1) Drum Rug
(1) DW tom stand
(3) floor tom legs
(1) Cymbal Arm

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