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Bassist from Greek black metal band Naer Mataron is elected to Parliament

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 7:31 AM (PST)

So, it seems that the bass player from the Greek black metal band Naer Mataron has been elected to Greek Parliament.  Giorgos Germenis was elected in the Greater Athens district under the Golden Dawn Party (which by the way has nothing to do with Crowley’s group, it just doesn’t translate correctly).  People are upset, and in typical black metal witch hunting fashion, people are trying to pin fascist and satanist connections on the group.

Who knows really, but the best part of the whole thing (besides the fact that a guy who wears corpse paint regularly got elected to public office) is Germenis’ stage name “Kaiadas” means the pit in ancient Sparta that babies were thrown into if they were judged unfit to meet the rigors of Spartan life.  Pretty damn metal if you ask me.

The band’s last release was 2008’s Praetorians released under Season of Mist.

If you’d like to see a video of Naer Mataron performing the song “Death Cast A Shadow Over You” and read what “Kaiadas” thinks is wrong with Greece today click right here.[youtube][/youtube]

Germenis says there’s an easy solution for Greece’s myriad economic problems.  First the country needs to resolve its sea border issues with neighboring countries.  There would be big money in gas and oil exploration which would return Greece to greatness.  He blames unspecified “interests” for holding Greece back.

“We Golden Dawn say that Greece is a rich country,” Germenis says. “In order to rebuild Greece, we also need to revitalize our factories and small workshops. In this way, Greece can stand on its own two feet.

We won’t need the European Union or anyone else. We’ll just need Greeks.”

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  1. Adam Ford5/15/2012 7:38 AM | Permalink

    There’s nothing “pretty damn metal” about being a fascist. Quite the opposite.

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