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Becoming the Archetype Stake Claim on “Nerds of Metal” Title

Posted by JDKleinhans on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 7:26 AM (PST)

Georgian progressive death metal visionaries Becoming the Archetype (BTA) have posted an intriguing blog on their updated Solid State Records site where they hope to claim the “Nerds of Metal” title. BTA is set to release their fourth full-length album “Celestial Completion” on March 29th on Solid State Records. Check out their rad new “The Magnetic Sky” here.

To discover, catch up, or get a “Glimpse Into the Lives of BTA” click here.

Instead of rambling on about how great we are and how our new album is gonna melt your face and how you should buy it on March 29 (it’s called Celestial Completion, by the way), I think you’d probably appreciate if I just told you what is currently going on in the life of the Archetype Boys.

We in Becoming The Archetype are pretty cool dudes. Jason (Papa J) works at JC Penney fitting men for suits. Duck used to work at Starbucks, but he’s now working at a way better company that involves computers. It’s top secret, so that’s all I can tell you. Daniel spends all his time playing guitar and getting tattoos, so he doesn’t have time for work. And I spend all my time handling band stuff like booking, managing, writing, practicing piano and guitar and singing, emailing people and doing interviews.

See? I told you we were cool.

A typical day in the life of BTA on the road is to listen to Weird Al in the van, then practice singing harmonies together. Usually we pick a song we all know the words to then pick harmonies for each of us to sing. It’s difficult, but it’s fun if you’re nerdy enough to appreciate it.

Right now we’ve been focused on other stuff like taking photos, shooting a music video, doing interviews and arguing over which songs to play at our CD release shows. You see, if we play too many new songs, you guys are gonna kill us for not playing your favorite oldie. But if we play too much old stuff, we can’t cram our new songs down your throat. See what a conundrum we’re in? For those of you who aren’t astute in nerdology, “conundrum” means “really, really difficult situation that you can’t figure out, even if you’re Count Seth.”

Then once we argue about that for awhile, we usually argue about our image. That’s another conundrum. None of us have long hair anymore, Duck and I don’t have any tattoos and Jason and I don’t have any piercings. Notice that I have no piercings and no tattoos. I look about as brutal as a Disneyworld employee. So with this reality, how are we supposed to look like a respectable metal band that just slaughtered 10,000 people out of the sheer aggression of our hearts? I felt like we shouldn’t try to pull off that image, since roughly 8,293 other metal bands are currently trying to portray that image. So I said, “you know what, guys? Let’s show em who we really are, but in a cool way.” We are really nerds. Jason and I love to talk about science and parallel universes when we’re not watching Big Bang Theory. He’s good at Scrabble and I’m good at listening to Weezer (resident champions of the “cool nerd” look).

So that’s what we’ve done with our photos. Instead of taking off the glasses I normally wear (my eyesight is just enough below normal to warrant such hideous eyewear), I kept them on for the photo shoot. Daniel wore his suspenders that he likes to wear. When’s the last time a metal band wore suspenders?

Well, we’ve got our photos done now and I hope we successfully staked our claim on the “Nerds of Metal” title. But now we’ve gotta figure out our image for the stage. Let’s be serious: you guys will kill us if we’re not super-energetic on stage and giving you lots of eye candy while we play these ridiculously difficult songs. So how are we gonna have the Nerds of Metal image while maintaining energy and playing difficult songs while singing/screaming?

It’s a tough question. And I think that’s the point of this whole blog. We’ve got lots of questions. We certainly do not have things figured out, no matter how badly you or I want to believe that. So as a result, I’m asking you to go to to tell us how to solve these conundrums, answer these questions and forge our way forward into your hearts and souls. And feel free to present more problems for us to puzzle over. We’re always looking for something new to argue about.

– Count Seth

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