Before The End: New albums yet to come in 2016 we’re stoked for

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 3:40 PM (PST)

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It is a blessing and a curse to have your record come out late in a given year. You might just bump some stuff that’s been out longer and make a few year end lists because your fresher music catches some people’s imagination (hope everybody remembers Bloodiest, In Mourning, Mantar and a lot of other great bands put out stuff early in 2016 and don’t just give the awards all to Metallica, haha). Your record also might get lost in the shuffle for a bit though because press people tend to get lazier between Thanksgiving and mid January. We’re one of the only sites I know who keep churning out some form of coverage all year round, because we are masochists to the mosh.

Anyway, here are a handful of killer fuckin’ bands who have albums coming out still in 2016 that we wanted to shout out. Hope you check ‘em out.

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Due November 4th, the melodeath masters Dark Tranquility return with Atoma. To me they are always one of the more consistent bands, content to keep pushing forward but also aware of their legacy without needing to alienate a wide section of one time fans like In Flames has done over the years (no offense to those guys). But DT are not predictable either as their songs always feature very memorable guitar lines and flourishes as well as a brooding conviction that keeps you returning to the material. They are well respected, but like Darkest Hour in the state for example, they also ought to be a lot huger for the amount of years they have dedicated to the cause of true headbanging anthems. I know everyone jocks At The Gates, rightly so…but Dark Tranquility never took a break (of course I know the ATG guys were in like 8 zillion other bands, just sayin’). Regardless, from the ominous bombarding intro of “Encircled” to the speed and perfect melodeath catchy riffing in “The Pitiless” paired with get the lyrics tatted on you worthy lines, trust that Atoma is going to end 2016 on a strong note not just for these Swedes, but for all metal.


Late October finds one of the rockingest bands in the scene finally releasing a full length as Tower make their party platter of classic heavy metal and rock n roll antics available for public consumption. Check our recent interview with Sarabeth Eve Linden of the golden pipes HERE.

Geezer from Upstate, Ny appeal to fans of everything from The Atomic Bitchwax to Sleep. Think slow, fuzzy and heavy but with a rock n roll side as well. These pals contributed one of the ragingest rad tracks to our Halloween comp Creature Honeymoon last year, a particularly cool Frankenstein song. I loved that I just wrote Pat from the band and was like ,”Dude, I really still need a song about Frankenstein or this comp is gonna suck!” Homeboy was like “Say no more”. Anyway, now the dudes are back with a scorcher of a new Ripple release and are doing a not to be missed release show at The Anchor in Kingston, NY on 11/18 with my solo project Walking Bombs plus It’s Not Night: It’s Space and Worshipper! Someday maybe my dream that Pat will become captain of a bong hit smoke ghost pirate ship in a Pirates Of The Caribbean Pt. 9 will come true, but in the meantime we have this.



This next one comes out in three days but still makes the list because…it’s fuckin’ Candiria. The Brooklyn vets are the best damn live band I ever saw in my life and I repeat that to people constantly. So stoked for dudes that Metal Blade gave them the props for this new release. I’m listening to the promo now and fanboying the fuck out and you will as well. It’s got elements fans of all eras will love but mostly lots of that shifting urban fusion that has inspired so many windmills and spliffy mind opening moments. So far “Wandering Light” is my favorite, with Carley straight up singing a R&B part in one section with what sounds like a flute in the background and the song is still more bad ass than 98% of the more extreme shit out this year. AND then it gets really super crazy and proggy before a punky crowd mover section takes things way over the edge. You can never count these dudes out. Best damn band.


Cognition are one of those bands who are listed as progressive but sound more like technical death metal at times. Their pending Procession Of Thoughts has a lot of bite to go with the bark and should appeal hard to younger metal fans looking for a new band on the rise who really sound like they are bleeding for their art. Calvin Wilson also has quite the roar, though a song like standout “Freakshow” also has moments that sound like post-hardcore (the music as well).

“As a band, Procession of Thoughts represents a coming of age and a conscious reminder of what got us playing in the first place,” says guitarist Tyler Vincent. “We approached the writing process focused on delivering a cohesive album for the listener and not just ourselves. We believe our collective spirit is captured in each of the nine tracks and we can’t wait for you all to hear it!”

 Procession of Thoughts will be released independently via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play.



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