Behemoth frontman Nergal releases sixth autobiography trailer

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 6:55 AM (PST)

Blackened death metal great Nergal (frontman from Behemoth) has completed an autobiography that will be released in Poland this October. The book is titled “Sacrum Profanum” and Nergal has recorded a series of trailers that will be released for promotion.

To check out the sixth trailer in the series click right here. You can also find the first trailer right here, along with the second trailer right here, the third and fourth trailers right here, and finally the fifth right here.

The book trailers feature Nergal reading portions of the book, as well as acting out portions of stories. He has gone on to describe them as “some funny, some sad, some evil…some related to the band, some not.” The trailers are in Polish with English subtitles and if you subscribe to Behemoth’s Youtube channel you’ll know right when they come out. So far the book is being published in Polish but if enough interest is generated it may be translated into English, so keep your fingers crossed.Nergal recently commented on the response to the first trailer:

“The feedback to my first trailer is overwhelming. Reactions are mixed and that’s exactly how I like it. It’s one month to the release date … October 17th I’ll set the world on fire!”[youtube][/youtube]

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