Berlin’s Suns Of Thyme’s heavy krautgaze video “Intuition Unbound” features actor David Bennent (The Tin Drum)

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 7:54 AM (PST)


“Krautgaze” seems like one of those truly overly obtuse yet sort of understandable handles bloggers and marketers come up with in an increasingly collaged musical landscape. While I’m all for life becoming more like the comic book Transmetropolitan, where cultures and/or sub-genres mish and mash endlessly until we all have antennas or feathers coming out of our noses and we are less about racial divides and more about surviving life on Earth, that doesn’t mean I particularly hear anything super Krautrock in the music of Berlin’s Suns Of Thyme. They definitely don’t sound like Neu! or Kraftwerk or even on the “gaze” side like My Bloody Valentine/Smashing Pumpkins pt. 2 like the (admittedly still awesome) band Nothing sound at times on that band’s new excellent sophomore jammer Tired Of Tomorrow. Instead, Suns Of Thyme offer more of a psychedelic mish mash of thumping drums, hard driving guitars and sort of chanting vocals, but the press release cites space rock and The Velvet Underground as big influences on these Germans and, heck, they are in fact German.

What I’ve heard so far of the band’s Napalm Records pending release Cascades (out May 27th) is super intriguing, though. Watery and brain cooling guitars melt in and out with other textures and the band defy easy categorization. I could see fans of anything from Mew to Graveyard to Death Hawks digging these guys, and that’s a pretty wide swing.

Anyhow, holy cow they have a great new video for “Intuition Unbound” at PureGrainAudio HERE. It features David Bennent of The Tin Drum fame, an actor I haven’t thought of in awhile and interesting because I literally just a few days back started reading my father’s copy of the Gunter Grass classic.

Check this band out. Pretty unique stuff.


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