“Bigotry” video by Goemagot is a tech death lustful masterpiece

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6:46 PM (PST)


Rochester, NY always startles me when it spits out sick ass metal bands every few years. Sulaco. Psyopus. Any music from that part of New York worth a damn seems to have some extra creative spark, probably needed to make a dent beyond that area. Not shittin’ on Rochester, but you don’t usually think of it first when listing top metal hubs.

Goemagot are going to change that if they keep slaying this much. This tech metal beast of a trio are somehow unsigned with 24,000 “likes” and a really great production value video that just blew my mind.These dudes are bad ass. Almost as bad ass as those dudes with pet hyenas you can google.  Chariot Media Group  worked with the band to create this visual headfuck fest of a priest mentally drowning in lust.  It will seriously make your day if you have a metal bone in your body.

Check out “Bigotry” HERE and forget all the tech bands you thought you liked. Well, except for Origin, of course.



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