Body Count’s “Talk Shit, Get shot” video is amazing

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 7:32 AM (PST)


I have always loved Ice T since I was a youngin’. Dude just always cracked me up and had great songs. “Watch The Ice Break” is still one of my favorite jams of his and shit, that cover of him on Rolling Stone dressed as a cop back in the day truly scared the piss out of people, so you gotta respect that.

People give him shit for playing a cop on TV? Whatever. Dude wasn’t saying kill all cops on cop killer, just the fuckin’ pigs, man! We all know a couple good cops, right? C’mon…

Anyway, the new Body Count video for “Talk Shit, Get Shot” is pretty fucking amazing. There are some very memorable scenes and lyrics. “Body Count is back, #whothefuckcares” and “all we listen to in these streets is drake, drake, drake”. LMAO. Plus, only Ice T can get away with saying “you were speakin’ now your leakin’ w your bitch ass” and make it poetic. Break North, bitches…that would be your best route.

Anyway, I am not forgetting that gun violence is a major problem in the USA, but this is still hysterical and a good time.

Click HERE to watch the video.



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