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British Thrash: Album Review: Evile – “Skull”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 10:25 AM (PST)
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evile-skull-cover-art Almost two years after 2011’s Five Serpent’s Teeth, British Thrashers Evile are preparing to drop their newest album Skull on May 27 via Earache/Century Media Records. Check out the Metal Riot review here.

Hailing from the land of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, a genre that had a huge influence on Thrash Metal, it may seem fitting that Evile doesn’t sound like they’re trying to be an 80s California Thrash band. Of course Thrash has had thirty years to evolve and still try to remain fresh, which can be hard to do.

With Skull Evile isn’t doing anything to revolutionize the genre of Thrash Metal, they’re simply playing the music they love. It does not seem as if they are trying to be one of the Big Four, they aren’t trying to play Speed Metal or Thrashcore or Speedcore, just good Thrash Metal complete with imagery of severed demon heads.

While Skull is a good album with solid musicianship, sometimes epic vocals and fantastical lyrics – what it’s missing is that one something: a solo or lyric that sets it apart, that makes it stand out.

Skull peaks with it’s song “Head of the Demon” which has its big chorusy line “Bring me the head – the scriptures say it will be so” repeated throughout the song. This leads to the intro of “Tombs“, which sounds reminiscent of the intro to “One” by Metallica, while sounding completely different from the intro to “One” by Metallica. These attempts at that big sound seem to indicate that Evile are hoping to invoke a more NWOBHM sound indicative of their homeland then a hardcorey sound indicative of California and the states.

If you’re a Thrash (or NWOBHM) fan and Evile comes to your town, you should probably go and see them, if they are nothing else, they’re keeping these classic genres alive.

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