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Cauldron gets new drummer

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, July 27, 2012 at 10:32 AM (PST)

CauldronCanadian heavy metal band Cauldron have announced their new drummer Myles Deck. The line up on drums for Cauldron reads like a Telemundo script, the original drummer Al Chambers left the band in 2008 and was replaced by Steelrider from Goat Horn who was then replaced by Chris Rites. Chris Rites left in 2009 and was replaced by Chris Steve until 2011 and then Chris Rites came back to record the bands upcoming album Tomorrow’s Lost and now they have Myles. I think that covers it. You can read quotes from Myles and frontman Jason Decay here.

Cauldron bassist/frontman Jason Decay commented:
“Rather than just grab the next available drummer, we wanted to take our time this time and make sure we found the right guy, which we’re pleased to announce is Myles Deck. Myles moved halfway across the country from Moncton, New Brunswick, which shows his dedication. He’s also into a lot of the same bands as us and understands our vision and goals. He’s also tall so we won’t have to prop him up on a stool for band photos! We wish Chris Steve all the best with his new band Old James (heavy Skynyrd), and would like to thank Chris Rites for helping us out again with the new record.”

Myles Deck commented:
“I was vacationing in Moncton, New Brunswick, catching some rays on the shore of the Petitcodiac when I got ‘the call.’ I love the kind of music that makes you wanna bang your head or thrust your hips. I’d seen Cauldron a handful of times and they made me wanna do both. So I sold most of my belongings and moved up to Toronto to play drums for this great band. I’m absolutely chuffed to be playing with Cauldron and look forward to spending many gruelling hours in the van and studio together.”

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