Celestial Ruin premiere “Sense of Exile”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 7:10 PM (PST)


Vancouver symphonic rockers Celestial Ruin have released their latest song “Sense of Exile”.

“Sense of Exile” comes off the bands upcoming EP Pandora coming out May 20.

Check out “Sense of Exile” and Celestial Ruin tour dates here.


Celestial Ruin tour dates:

May 21 – Vancouver, BC – The Venue
Aug 25-28 – Metalocalypstick Fest – Valemount, BC



1. Murder of Crows (3:52)
2. Sense of Exile (4:17)
3. No Quarter (4:34)
4. Nevermore (5:55)
5. Firestorm (4:53)
EP Length: 23:32
Vocalist Larissa Dawn on “Sense of Exile”:

“The concept of “Sense of Exile” is hopefully a relatable one, it’s about making a life altering decision based on the needs and wants of others . Completely ignoring your own gut instinct and later recognizing that the choice you made has all kinds of negative repercussions. The sound and feel of this song may be high energy, but the lyrics and emotions behind it are that of anger, regret and despair. I’m sure many of us feel these mixed emotions frequently, so I am hoping the power behind the music allows people to just let out all their frustration and after think, ‘I fell a lot better now’.”

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