Coolest scientist ever names fossils after heavy metal legends Lemmy and King Diamond

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 7:59 AM (PST)

King DiamondSo apparently there is this Swedish scientist who keeps discovering new types of fossils (worms for the most part) and naming them after metal legends.  Six years ago he named one after Lemmy from Motörhead, and now he’s going for King Diamond.

Dr. Mats E. Erikssonan Associate Professor of Paleontology – Department of Geology at Lund University in Lund, Sweden has found a 420 million year old fossilised worm that he has named…wait for it…Kingnites diamondi!  How freakin’ cool is that?!

According to a Scandinavian journal of Earth Sciences called GFF, “The polychaete annelid Kingnites diamondi, a new paulinitid genus and species, is described from the Silurian of Baltoscandia. Its large maxillae differ morphologically from those of all other known paulinitids, particularly in being very elongate and having conspicuous myocoele openings and posterior portions of the first maxillae (MI). Albeit rare, this polychaete taxon is highly characteristic and appears to be confined to the Wenlock–Ludlow transitional interval on Gotland, Sweden, and ranges into the upper Ludlow on Saaremaa, Estonia. All samples yielding this species derive from strata formed in proximal carbonate platform environments. The temporal and geographical distribution indicates that it first appeared in Gotland and subsequently spread north-eastwards to the present-day Saaremaa. Kingnites diamondi adds to the list of known members of the Paulinitidae and reinforces the importance of this family, in terms of abundance and diversity, in Silurian polychaete faunas of Baltica. This is the biggest paulinitid recorded from the Silurian with an inferred body length of approximately half a metre and its diagnostic jaws may serve as a proxy for shallow water, backreef (marginal marine to lagoonal) environments.”

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