Crowbar debut “Walk With Knowledge Wisely”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 8:40 AM (PST)


Crowbar finally give us new sludgy goodness. “Walk With Knowledge Wisely” continues down the lyrical “get your life on track” path of previous record Sever The Wicked Hand, while showing us what 2014 Crowbar sounds like. New album Symmetry In Black hits streets Stateside on May 27th, 2014.It was co-produced with Duane Simoneaux and mixed by Josh Wilbuer (Gojira, Killer Be Killed, Lamb Of God).   

Frontman Kirk Windstein comments:

“‘Walk With Knowledge Wisely’ is the perfect opener for (new album) ‘Symmetry In Black.’ It has every element of the Crowbar sound and is like an anvil to the face. It’s Crowbar at its finest.”

The song can be heard HERE.

For track listing click HERE.

1. Walk With Knowledge Wisely
2. Symmetry In White
3. The Taste Of Dying
4. Reflection Of Deceit
5. Ageless Decay
6. Amaranthine
7. The Foreboding
8. Shaman Of Belief
9. Teach The Blind To See
10. A Wealth Of Empathy
11. Symbolic Suicide
12. The Piety Of Self-Loathing


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