Dawn of Disease release video trailer for new album “Crypts of the Unrotten”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 8:07 AM (PST)

German brutal death metal act Dawn of Disease have released a video trailer for their forthcoming album called Crypts of the Unrotten.

You can see the video and a track listing right here.

This is the band’s second release and the follow up to 2011’s Legends of Brutality.  The album is due out April 27, 2012 through NoiseArt Records.


Crypts Of The Unrotten track listing:

1. Descent Into Another World (Intro)

2. Alone With The Dead

3. Knife vs Flesh

4. The Unrotten

5. Skinless And Impaled

6. Enter The Gates

7. Calcined Bones

8. Catacombs

9. Final Resurrection

10. Devouring Obscurity

11. But Death Goes On

12. Soulless Shape (Bonus Track)

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