Death releases old Mantas demo collection entitled “Death By Metal”

Posted by metalrocker on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 5:07 PM (PST)

Floridan death metallers, Death, are releasing a demo collection from their early years when they were under the name Mantas. The demo collection will be called “Death By Metal,” and it will include two demo tapes and a rehearsal from 1984. The two disc edition will include another demo and a live performance by Mantas.

To check out the trailer and track list click here.

“Death By Metal,” will be released June 19th in North American, June 22nd in Germany, and June 29th for the rest of Europe via Relapse Records.


Disc 1

Death By Metal (1st Version) Demo

1. Legion Of Doom

2. Evil Dead

3. Mantas

4. Death By Metal

5. Power Of Darkness

Death By Metal (2nd Version) Demo

6. Legion Of Doom

7. Power Of Darkness

8. Death By Metal

9. Evil Dead

Rehearsal Early 1984 – Rehearsal

10. Legion Of Doom

11. Mantas

12. Death By Metal

13. Evil Dead

14. Rise Of Satan

Disc 2 (Deluxe Edition Only)

Emotional Rehearsal Demo 1984 – Rehearsal

1. Legion Of Doom – Take 1

2. Legion Of Doom – Take 2

3. Legion Of Doom – Take 3

4. Evil Dead – Take 1

5. Evil Dead – Take 2

6. Mantas – Take 1

7. Mantas – Take 2

Live at Knights Of Columbus Hall, Orlando, FL 09/01/1984

8. Legion Of Doom

9. Zombie

10. Demon Flight

11. Death By Metal

12. Evil Dead

13. Power Of Darkness

14. Black Magic

15. Evil Chuck Solo

16. Beyond The Unholy Grave

17. Poison

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