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Deep Cuts: Blaze Bayley

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 1:26 PM (PST)


Known as the lead singer of WOLFSBANE in the 80s, IRON MAIDEN in the 90s, and his own solo band since 2000, BLAZE BAYLEY is truly what he said he was with his 2008 album, titled The Man Who Would Not Die. Having just passed the 30 year mark in the metal world, Blaze is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, and in fact, his voice seems to get stronger with each album.

Picking out the traditional 3 songs for this article was a very tough task. Being the BLAZE BAYLEY fanboy that I admittedly am, I had 3 bands with incredible song writing to choose from, all with a decade worth of material.


01. IRON MAIDEN “Virus” The Best Of The Beast greatest hits collection from Iron Maiden featured 2 unreleased tracks. One being an updated version of “Afraid To Shoot Strangers” with Blaze’s vocals, and the second being “Virus”, the song that really showed off a little more of Blaze’s range than we were used to hearing. Starting off at a very low tone and eventually speeding up with a twin guitar solo from out of nowhere, and a catchy multi-layered vocal chorus where Blaze sings both high and low pitch together, this song is, in my opinion, Iron Maiden’s single most under appreciated song.

02. BLAZE BAYLEY “Endless Sleep” One of the most heartfelt and beautiful pieces of music I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, this was a song Blaze had written immediately following the tragic loss of his wife, Debbie. This song was only released on a limited edition release of his “The Night That Will Not Die” live dvd, so it hasn’t seen an album release, but can certainly be found on YouTube.

03. WOLFSBANE “Killing Machine” From the Live Fast, Die Fast album, this song was a fast paced fun tune. A little more aggressive sounding from the more known WOLFSBANE singles like “Manhunt” and “Money Talks”, this song is a true underrated gem.

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