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Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 12:24 PM (PST)


Imagine, if you will, you’re standing in a venue. You can be in a small nightclub, or you can be in a stadium for a huge concert. Now, imagine your favorite band has just opened with their first song. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you for details, so you can say STRYPER or SLAYER, no judging here. (Unless you say Kanye West, in which case, Beyoncé will get your street cred) Your favorite band has just killed it with their opener, and then you hear the words that will make or break your entire night. Some asshole in the crowd to your left shouts out “PLAY SOME DOKKEN!!!”

Yes kids, you might have guessed it. I was that guy. Actually, that’s a partial lie. I’m still that guy. No, not the guy pissed off at the Kanye West concert because someone is yelling about DOKKEN. No, I’m the guy telling the people on stage, no matter what genre, to play some DOKKEN! I know, why would I be at a Kanye West concert cheering for DOKKEN? Well, first off, have you ever heard his music? It’s no DOKKEN, that’s for sure. Secondly, this might be one of those crazy Euro festivals where they have MEGADETH and Bo Diddley co-headlining together, I don’t do the booking…

(editor’s note: Bo Diddley is deceased, Drew.)

So, now that I’ve properly introduced myself as the asshole at the venue, you can begin to imagine just how hyped I was to begin “researching” for this post, and by researching, I mean blasting DOKKEN music for hours, while I sing and play a wicked air guitar for an imaginary stadium full of people from the comforts of my bedroom.

I’m not gonna lie. As eager as I was to do this, I had an impossible task ahead of me. Choose three songs from DOKKEN’s legendary career. Only three. “In My Dreams”, “Dream Warriors”, “Lightning Strikes Again”, “Kiss Of Death”… So many excellent tunes, so little space. This is Deep Cuts, so we gotta cut a little deeper than that (what cuts deeper than Freddy’s claws?) , and I think I’ve got it narrowed down to three lesser known gems that all long time DOKKEN fans, as well as the new and even (?) future DOKKEN fans can all agree on.

See BELOW for the cuts.

“So Many Tears” From the 1987  album Back For The Attack – this was a song about sucking it up and moving on. I don’t know if this was written about someone in particular, but with lyrics like “there’s only so many tears you can cry, there’s only so many ways you can say goodbye”, it feels pretty real, which is why I had to put this one on this list.


“Prisoner” I don’t usually like doubling up on an album, but Back For The Attack was a virtual goldmine for epic metal. A song about being stuck in a relationship, unable to walk away. Kinda sums up my addiction to DOKKEN songs over the years!


“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” Yeah, I know, a Christmas song. The most un-metal holiday, but DOKKEN made it rock. Back in 2007, a compilation came out called “Monster Xmas”, featuring bands like TWISTED SISTER, SKID ROW, and of course, DOKKEN. This is one of my top favorite Christmas tracks to play every year as I wrap presents and get drunk on a 3/4 Captain Morgan, 1/4 egg nog concoction. DOKKEN took the famous Christmas carol and set it to George Lynch’s monster of a riff from “Dream Warriors” , and they made it work better than the original song. Let it be known, if I knew Santa Claus was coming to town and he had the mighty DOKKEN with him, I’d be on my best behavior all year round!


Fun fact: if you re-read the DOKKEN “Deep Cuts” article just once, and drink every time I use the name DOKKEN, you’d be hammered by now.

Additional fun fact: Dokken’s Christmas song has yet to reach 9,000 plays on Youtube at the time of this “article”. 


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