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Deep Cuts: Godflesh

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 2:31 PM (PST)


Every Godflesh song is essentially a deep cut. There’s that pesky disclaimer again. Hey, people know “Christbait Rising” more than the b-sides from Pure, for example. So that warrants a column, in my book!!!

Click HERE and see what songs I am right about revering above numerous others in the band’s nearly inexhaustible potential songbook to choose from.

“Blackboned Angel” is my favorite Godflesh song. Selfless is my favorite album Justin ever did. The guitars on this stunning masterpiece make me wonder how anyone was ever shocked by the direction of Jesu. This song has contemplation, percussive innovation and guitars that encompass every emotion on the map within a melodic underpining bittersweet beauty that creeps up like slow decay.It doesn’t have the brutality of “Like Rats”, but it doesn’t let you alone, either. It’s like a post-apoc come down that never quite comes down, hovering above street level on smoking wings. Plus, I got the cd from a nice girl.


“Locust Furnace”, since we’re already talking about Streetcleaner in a round about way, is now a subconcious template for even avant garde black metal bands. Innovative percussion indebted to both hip hop high hat cymbal as much as industrial’s harshest whale calls and the death belching industrialization of the modern age. “Corruption in the goat herd, flesh crumbles in the real world” is still kind of the most intense lyric going.


“Whose Truth Is Your Truth”, from the criminally underrated Us And Them (1999), is Godflesh mastering their hip hop influence. The loop is perfect, the headspace of the song breathes but is relentless, so much going right here. This should be the industrial metal grafitti soundtrack to end them all, until Dalek re-lit the fire to wider appreciation (due in no small part to Godflesh fans who were too closed minded to smoke an L and accept how fuckin’ cool this record was). And full of the usual social messages buried in the musical treasure chest.


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