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Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 4:19 PM (PST)

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We are so pleased that Life of Agony are reuniting for summer European shows with Marilyn Manson and Machine Head, giving the finger to anyone in the heavy world too freaked out by Mina Caputo’s transition to give respect to one of the best bands of all time, that we are doing an LOA deep cuts for ya.

Ever since I first heard “Bad Seed” on Vassar College radio years ago, I was hooked on the dark guitar of Joey Z, the trauma laced emotionally overpowering yet comforting vocals of Caputo, the pounding drums of Sal and the supportive bass work of Alan. This band saved my life and should be a part of any hard rock diet.

Click HERE to see which 3 cuts from this legendary live act and group of true New York originals made the cut.

1. The Day He Died ( from Broken Valley):

This gem from the chock full of solid songs later work Broken Valley is testament to Caputo’s ability to grab attention with lyrics as raw as they come. Much like “Bad Seed” off stone cold classic River Runs Red dealt with family loss, this one is a head on look at Mina’s father’s drug addiction. It is almost painful to listen to, but not because it won’t rock your fucking head off. This live performance is particularly impressive.

2.Tangerine (from Soul Searching Sun):

Mina has always championed classic stuff, from Bowie to Brian Eno to this killer cover of Led Zep. It’s not as drenched in suicide and streets as River Runs Red but rockers who can’t feel the emotional power in this are daft. Mina’s fantastic and multi-faceted new album As Much Truth As One Can Bear displays a lot of that love, especially on the personal strength championing title track. This Zep cover, btw, features Anthrax’s Charlie Benante on 12 string.


3. Justified (from Broken Valley):

This track, also from Broken Valley, shows how powerfully the band evolved from their massively influential NYHC based crossover beginnings to powerful alt rock. This song “Justified” is full of meaning coated lyrics like “I can’t find a single place where these demons haven’t shown”. Props to Caputo for getting it all off her chest, after all. How long can you carry this load until it explodes in your fucking face?







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