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Deep Cuts: Metal Church

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 1:44 PM (PST)


For months, we sat and waited. Who was it going to be? Someone known? Someone unknown? Who was going to be the new singer for the legendary METAL CHURCH? Well, after waiting what felt like an eternity, we got an answer that certainly did not disappoint. What we got was former METAL CHURCH singer, Mike Howe making his return. METAL CHURCH was always a favorite of mine growing up. Each singer brought something different to the band.

When the announcement was made, I already had my mind made up to do a Deep Cuts on these guys, but how to do it was hard to grasp. What songs should I pick? What era or eras? As I sit here writing this, my roommate is watching The Incredible Hulk and we are trying to decide who was the better Bruce Banner. Was it Edward Norton or was it Mark Ruffalo? In the standalone Hulk film, Norton was untouchable, Ruffalo wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. However, Norton would have been unlikely to have the comedic side to him to go toe to toe with Tony Stark, which wouldn’t have been nearly as effective as Ruffalo being in the Avengers movies. The point of me bringing up the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, I did just see Age Of Ultron twice (wasn’t it awesome??), but most importantly, I had to illustrate the point that all 3 METAL CHURCH singers, like both Hulk actors, were perfect for their eras, and can’t be topped when it came to what they brought to the table during their time. That being said, I can’t single out a single singer for one of my favorite bands, and will be doing one song from each era.


1. “Hitman”
From the self-titled debut album, “Hitman” is a song about, well… A Hitman. Original METAL CHURCH singer, David Wayne tells a tale of a Hitman who did the job he was hired for and is now going back for the man that hired him.

2. “Date With Poverty”
The second era of METAL CHURCH, ex HERETIC singer, Mike Howe sings a song that majority of us are pretty much already singing about – being broke! From the album The Human Factor, this song has my favorite METAL CHURCH riff and is my favorite of their music videos. This song is one damn good representation of why fans are glad to see him back with the band!

3. “Hero’s Soul”
Ronny Munroe’s first album with METAL CHURCH was such a hard album to choose a song from. I can recall getting this album the day it was released and I knew most of the words to each song by the end of the day. It took me quite a while to choose just one song from The Weight Of The World  album. “Hero’s Soul” is an inspirational song, basically telling you to jump at an opportunity. Life is too short to show fear.

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