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Deep Cuts: Warrel Dane of Sanctuary, Ex-Nevermore

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 6:46 AM (PST)

With the release of The Year The Sun Died, we got the first SANCTUARY album in 24 years. Hold on, I don’t think you fully understand. 24 YEARS!!! 24 years I had to wait for one of my favorite bands to release a new album… That’s quite a long time for any fan to have to wait. Growing up, I had the 2 SANCTUARY albums, and played them regularly. Warrel Dane’s epic “Rob Halford on helium” styled voice was one of the main reasons I had wanted to become a singer as a kid. Sure, during that 24 years, we had a band called NEVERMORE, another favorite of mine, but it wasn’t the same. The vocals were different, the music was a little more intense, but it was a totally different band altogether.

When asked about my favorite albums of 2014, I had The Year The Sun Died at the top of my list. It was an incredible album well worth the 24 year wait. With nearly 30 years worth of phenomenal metal music, it was damn near impossible to come up with only 3 songs for “Deep Cuts” for either band, let alone both, but that was my mission today, and after much thought, I’ve believe I’ve narrowed it down to the essential three cuts.

For the choices see BELOW.

1. Sanctuary “Die For My Sins”

From the first Sanctuary record, Refuge Denied, this was Warrel Dane at his absolute highest pitch. A super fast paced song, It’s guaranteed to give you a bad case of whiplash and possibly even damaged vocal chords if you’re brave enough to attempt singing along.


2. Sanctuary “Future Tense”

The opening track of Sanctuary’s 2nd album, Into The Mirror Black, was actually my introduction to the band. This was the first Sanctuary music video. I remembered watching this on Headbanger’s Ball, and just falling in love with their sound. Not as high pitch as the songs on the first album, but definitely more intense lyrically and instrumentally.



3. Nevermore “I Am The Dog”

From Nevermore’s Dreaming Neon Black. Warrel sounds as if he’s gone totally insane here, singing about nightmares of a person I can only imagine to be an ex-wife. Agree or disagree with this list? Give us your two cents. My name is Andrew Datoush, reminding you- Don’t half ass anything. Fuck it up the whole way.



(Note: This did not include Warrel’s solo record, the bad ass Praises To The War Machine, which you should also check out, kids). 


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