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Deftones’ “Diamond Eyes” remix sold to benefit bassist Chi Cheng’s coma recovery

Posted by NichTheHair on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 12:47 PM (PST)

After a devastating car crash in November 2008, Deftones‘ bassist Chi Cheng was left in a minimally conscious state. Recovery has been extremely slow, but some hope is shining through. Cheg is in a semi-comatose state, meaning responses can be elicited by various stimuli and he exhibits a sleep/wake cycle. A person in a ‘true’ coma would not have any of these attributes. While he is far from being out of the woods, his family is raising money to send him to a specialist, who specializes in semi-coma revivals, at the International Brain Research Foundation in New Jersey.

For comments from Deftones’ Abe Cunningham and a link to Chi Cheng’s benefit site, click here.

Drummer Abe Cunningham comments on his condition: “He’s still just trudging along” he said. “It’s extremely slow. Trying to keep it in people’s minds. I mean, it’s been nearly two years now, people, like anything, you just move on to the next. So that’s where we’re concentrating now, and just trying to keep people aware of it. But he’s just there, and it’s pretty wild, man.”

Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s side project, Sol Invicto, has released the remix of “Diamond Eyes” on The track is $.99 and one hundred percent of the proceeds go to Chi’s benefit.¬†Also, specially designed shirts and bracelets have been made to help the fundraising, as well as a general monetary donation link.

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  1. nickthehair
    NichTheHair12/7/2010 12:59 PM | Permalink

    Once you buy the download, you’ll get an email linking you to the download site. It’s a great song for a great cause. Also, I think I’m going to do a little more research into Sol Invicto. Good sounds.

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