Derelict release track listing for upcoming album “Perpetuation”

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 12:40 PM (PST)

Montreal death metallers Derelict have released the track listing for their upcoming album “Perpetuation.” The band aims to release the album in 2012 via Kerosene Media / Year of the Sun Records but no date has been given as of yet.

“This album was a lot of work!”, states vocalist Eric Burnet. “However, I think it’s paying off. We pushed ourselves to deliver the performances we wanted, and we have twelve brutal tunes to show for it.”

Click here to see the track listing for “Perpetuation.”

The track listing for Perpetuation is as follows:

1. Perpetuation

2. Spoils Of War

3. Expiry

4. Digital Birthright

5. Intricate Decay

6. Olympic

7. Ergogenic

8. Recreated

9. Yours To Surpass

10. Shackles Of Indoctrination

11. The Iridium Layer

12. Emergence

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