Destroying the Devoid release “The Endless Cycles of Lunacy” lyric video

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Destroying the Devoid is Craig Peters’ (Deeds Of Flesh, former Arkaik) latest death metal project.

Destroying the Devoid has most recently released a lyric video for the song “The Endless Cycles of Lunacy”.

The lyric video was produced by Scott Rudd Films.

“The Endless Cycles of Lunacy” comes off the upcoming album Paramnesia which is due out on August 19 via Unique Leader Records.

Peters had this to say on the song: “‘The Endless Cycles Of Lunacy’ is a song that takes you through the mind of someone losing sight of reality. The music is very frantic but sways in and out of moments of schizophrenia and sorrow. It is a musical representation of the darkest polarity of the human psyche.”

Peters also spoke on the song-writing and recording process for Paramnesia:

“The song writing started back in the Summer of 2012. At first it just began as a couple of songs that eventually evolved over time. Being a huge fan of orchestral music and film scores I definitely wanted the music to have a deep and emotional impact. These songs are dark, aggressive and very thematic. While at the music’s core has a very progressive death metal sound, the songs flow in and out of many stylistic changes ranging from blackened death metal to more melancholic and ethereal passages and some very intense instrumental sections that will leave your head spinning. Society is constantly plagued by a world telling them what it is to be beautiful, successful, and what they essentially need to ‘be happy,’ while taking advantage of the weak for their own selfish benefit. Paramnesia, while not a concept album, plays off of different philosophies related to perception and how we are effected by the world around us. The three-part song ‘Beyond The Dark Veil’ also deals with the emotional effect of death from three different perspectives.”

Check out “The Endless Cycles of Lunacy” lyric video here.

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