DIVEST old CBGB footage surfaces

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, May 13, 2016 at 10:03 AM (PST)


An old friend from NJ today hit me up and sent me some live footage I had no idea existed…multi-angle CBGB footage of my old post-hardcore/nu metal hybrid band DIVEST circa ’02 (I believe). Check out the song “Saving Prescription” uploaded on our still existent Facebook HERE along with a few other live vids (including two songs from a Chance Theater Poughkeepsie show…one of which features Sean Paul Pillsworth of Nightmares for A Week/Anadivine on guest vox).

The footage is pretty bad ass and features me on vox, Dave Bodie on drums (ex-Kayo Dot, Time of Orchids), Kurt Brown on guitar, Mike McCoy on bass and Dave Parker (Stellar Young) on guitar. The song comes from our album Ghost Town Reckoning which was produced at Applehead Studios by the guys from that studio along with Dr. Know from Bad Brains and Danny IlChuk (Roguish Armament, The Shining Path) but the band imploded rather (un) spectacularly within a year or so after this and despite a few reunion attempts never reformed as intended.

Still, pretty cool to see footage of us at a much missed NYC legendary venue and remember some good times before we all got old and crazy/cranky.


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