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Divine Empire

Divine Empire
Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Marco Martell -Guitar/Vocal
Jason Blachowicz - Bass/Vocals
Gus Rios - Drums

Divine Empire Bio:

Divine Empire was formed in late "97" by Jason Blachowicz, J.P. Soars & Derek Roddy, the trio played together on Malevolent Creation's sixth cd "In Cold Blood", Jason is Malevolent's original "Thunderous" bass player performing on their first six albums during a ten year career with the band ("The Ten Commandments" through "In Cold Blood, performing all vocals on "Eternal" "Joe Black" & "In Cold Blood") so yes there is definitely Malevolent blood in this band. The trio quit Malevolent on different occasions due to personal reasons, they connected well when they jammed together & weren't doing anything at the time, so the three of them stayed in contact with one another, then decided to reform & record a seven song demo achieving interest from many labels, signing with "Olympic Recordings" distributed through Mercury & resulting in their first album "Redemption" released in "98", which did very well & landed them on two successful major U.S.Tours, one with Cryptopsy, Gorguts & Vader, the other with Witchery, Borknagar & the almighty "Emperor"! After the second tour, Jason & J.P. parted ways with Derik Roddy due to personal reasons.

During the creation process of the second album "Doomed To Inherit" released in '2000' by "Olympic Recordings" now distributed through "Century Media", Divine Empire recruited ex-Malevolent skinsman Alex "Cuidate Del Traidor" Marquez ("Retribution") hoping there would be great controversy with his return. The recording result was amazing, exploring a bit of European influence, melodic riffing, pounding bass, brutal yet understandable vocals & creative drumming. Unfortunately, Alex's drug addiction brought the Empire's future to a screeching halt, after completing his drum tracks Alex disappeared after robbing Jason taking two of his televisions & his stereo not to mention the friendship, trust & confidence that Jason had in Alex. Alex severely betrayed the band & himself; the Empire was never able to tour for "Doomed To Inherit" & was sent on a two-year hiatus searching for a drummer who was compatible for these Death Metal Veterans.

"The lords of Karma shall have their Vengeance!"

Well here they are! Three years later with new drummer Duane Timlin (ex-Forest Of Impaled), Divine Empire Strikes Back with their third album "NOSTRADAMUS" released in 2003(U.S.) & 2004(Europe) through "Olympic/Century Media". Now with all the 'drummer drama' behind them, Divine Empire is able to produce fast, brutal & furious, pissed off Metal again! With "NOSTRADAMUS" the Empire are back with a serious Vengeance & are very focused on their own brand of 'Hate Rock', Jason claims "this album is very angry & personal, after two years of pissed off, built up frustration, we're glad to be back in business & this time there's no stopping us!"

So far "NOSTRADAMUS" has landed Divine Empire on a pre-Nostradamus 2002 "Death Across America" U.S.Summer Tour with Kataklysm. After the album debuted in the summer of 2003, the Empire was fortunate to land on a very brutal & successful 2003 U.S. Summer Tour with Misery Index, Skinless & Dying Fetus, completing 34 Annihilating shows in five weeks! Since then the Empire have successfully completed shows in Appleton, Wisconsin "AppleTown!!!" in Florida with Metal brothers Malevolent Creation, in 2004 at the "Sun-n-Steel" Metal Festival in Tampa with Testament, M.O.D., Obituary, Deicide & Macabre, also off shows in Milwaukee & Chicago with 'Forest Of Impaled' and a crushing performance with Phil Anselmo's classic metal band "SUPERJOINT RITUAL" at the 'Culture Room' in Ft. Lauderdale.

Divine Empire have recently Annihilated Caracas, Venezuela last May headlining their most successful show to date, performing for 1200 Metal maniacs," Venezuela Rules!"

The Empire have also just returned from successfully completing their first Tour in Europe, conquering the "Fuck The Commerce" Festival in East Germany with Incantation & Florida homeboys Obituary, then a successful mini-tour with Master & Benediction across Germany, Switzerland, Austria & the Godly Netherlands. "South Florida Style Biotch!"

In spring of 2005, J.P. and Duane parted ways with the band. J.P. wanted to focus on his love for Blues and we wish him well. Duane had to go because of personal reasons that were dragging him down and will not be tolerated.

In July of 2005, Jason found guitarist Marco Martell from Chicago.

Once again emerging from another Hiatus, one year and a half later, bassist/vocalist Jason Blachowicz also of MALEVOLENT CREATION has returned with a new line-up for DIVINE EMPIRE and are currently writing new material for their next album. Finally out of contract and searching for a new Label, DIVINE EMPIRE have recruited the services of long-time friend & drummer Gus Rios (whom offered his services in the writing process of 'Doomed To Inherit'). Excited and Highly Motivated once again, Jason, Gus and guitarist Marco Martell have established a powerful connection and are commited to creating DIVINE EMPIRE's next 'Hate-Filled' opus, and plan on unleashing another Devastatingly, Brutal & Relentless Death Metal album in the next Chapter of this 'Storm Of Hatred'! A second guitarist will be anounced upon confirmation. DIVINE EMPIRE's 'Highly appraised' last album 'METHOD OF EXECUTION' was poorly promoted and neglected by former labels, but nevertheless DIVINE EMPIRE refuses to throw the towel in. Now Back with full confidence and plans to make another Impact on the Underground realm of Extreme Music, DIVINE EMPIRE, an obvious Force to be reckoned with, are in pre-production status, progressing quickly with determination, and a new song will be released by the band very soon, so prepare yourselves for the 'Incurable' Death Metal Disease known as DIVINE EMPIRE!!!

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