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Djust blew my mind: Album Review-Novallo’s self-titled EP

Posted by NichTheHair on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 3:42 PM (PST)
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Never has ear candy tasted so sweet. Novallo‘s self-titled EP has happily overwhelmed my ears for the past day and likely for many more. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, this quintet exudes exactness, splaying and specifying their profound and precise sound. This album is self-produced and is a crazy technical binge of barraging beats, leads, sample feeds and vocal harmonies and I’m totally addicted right now.

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Brief as an EP is, this one is deftly mixed so all the songs blend into each other, creating a spectacularly engaging listening experience. My brain is still reeling from the last crescendo when it’s inundated with the seamless blend to the next song. Blast this on repeat and you’re good.

Now this is my first wind of these guys and I feel it has been knocked right out of me. A little digital intro kicks into Angle of Perception, which lays a solid foundation of the band’s sound: crisp guitar riffs and aggressive multi-octave runs, sweet synth glitches, and big, sweeping vocals in super harmony at one second, then guttural and decimating the next. Oh, nice touch with encoding the lyrics into the mp3 info. When you listen to this on your iWhatever, the lyrics pop up on the screen. Very slick.

So if you haven’t figured it out, I like this album and it’s exciting to listen to. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes some technology along with their technicality. These guys like to do some serious layering and sound splicing to keep those little ears of yours listening. Tides and 4 Eyes Win! are my favorite tracks from the album. Their singer has a spectacular voice and obviously works hard on the vocal production of the songs as well. Really a fantastic album and talented band. I’m looking forward to seeing where these guys go. Check out their page here to buy the album at a price you pick.

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