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Double Beheader: One Night, Two Boroughs, Three Interviews

Posted by NichTheHair on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 6:23 PM (PST)

DoubleBeheaderNever before have I thrown myself into two concerts in a night. On top of that, I planned a hat trick of interviews throughout my evening. I was loaded for bear as my night started in Manhattan at The Marlin Room of Webster Hall to catch thrashers Diamond Plate from Chicago and Boston’s Revocation. This marks the second time I’ve seen Revocation. So fun to see live. Both have new albums out and Diamond Plate is sporting a new singer on theirs. I caught up with Diamond Plate’s Matt Ares after their set, along with David Davidson and Phil Dubois of Revocation later.

Post-Gramercy, I hopped a train to Brooklyn to catch the last, and sold the fuck out, show for TesseracT‘s US tour at the mighty Saint Vitus. Vitus is by far the standard for live metal in New York City and was totally pumped to see such a dynamic band on that stage. They had some troubles on the road earlier in the day, so their tardiness was actually a boon for me to get there in enough time in my already insanely booked night. After a ridiculously energetic yet ethereal performance, I spoke with drummer Jay Postones afterwards about this tour and the reception of their new singer, Ashe O’Hara.

My daunting endeavor turned out a to be a huge victory and with you I share the spoils. I got set lists from everyone I interviewed. So if you want to relive the shows, check out the Double Beheader playlist out here.

Click here for the coverage of the two shows and the three interview links.

My night started at The Marlin Room of Webster Hall. It was completely adorned in dungeon and torture decor for the upcoming Halloween weekend. Perfect aesthetic for a metal show.

IMG_5726Diamond Plate was the second support act to take the stage. The thrash trio hit songs from their latest Century Media release, Pulse, and from their debut, Generation Why?. With the writing and recording of Pulse, they created an album meant for the live stage. The members are young, but already have good fundamentals down to incite the crowd’s rowdyness. That impressed me most. After that, their adrenaline-spiking speed really turned heads. These kids play fucking fast. Guitarist Konrad Kupiec’s riffing was conservative and tight, but his solos were a crazy explosion of shredded shrapnel and experimental improvs. I was definitely eager to see just what licks and runs would come out next. These guys are young and have a lot going for them. I would definitely go see them again. Singer Matt Ares and I spoke after the show. Click here for that interview.

IMG_5896 IMG_5760IMG_5914

Set List

All of It

Waste Of Life

Price You Pay

At The Mountains Of Madness

Walking Backwards

Dance With Reality

Ah, Revocation. Nice to see you so soon. This past August I caught these guys at Summer Slaughter, and just months before that I gotten addicted to their previous full length, Chaos of Forms. I had a vague idea of who they are then, but holy shit! I love their music now. They are out touring for their fourth full-length album entitled simply Revocation on Relapse. Their sound blends the speed of thrash and heaviness of death. Vocalist/guitarist David Davidson is a graduate from Berklee, which adds brilliant and blazing technicality to their whole performance. Bassist Brett Bamberger can usually be found intensely bouncing and flailing all over stage left, twisting his body and fiercely throwing his massive mane of hair around. Very entertaining. Add seven years in the touring metal life and you get a seasoned and very capable troop of musicians that have dedicated themselves to entertaining you. So sit back, and enjoy the show. Revocation is not to be missed.


“I think, more than ever before, we’re firing on all cylinders live, we are as tight as we have ever been,” says founding drummer Phil Dubois. You can check out my interview with him and vocalist David Davidson here.

Set List

The Hive




Dismantle the Dictator

No Funeral



After wrapping up at Webster, I broke east on an L train to Brooklyn to catch the nightmarish G train up to Saint Vitus to see the sold out and last US show for TesseracT. The stars must have been aligned for me that night because I had zero issues on train arrivals and departures on that night. Very uncharacteristic of that line. G might as well stand for ghost. Seriously. Nonetheless, onward I went and arrived at the blackest fucking metal bar in New York. This place is decorated like it’s hosting a black mass. Upside down crosses, prayer candles, and a menu consisting shot-and-a-beer combos all named after different levels of clergymen for the thirsty apostolic alcoholic.


I was wanting to catch TesseracT earlier than this specific tour. They were on a support slot for Katatonia and Cult of Luna who were on tour in September. I never ended up making it, but their manager invited me out for their headlining tour closer at Vitus. Far superior option. The energy and vibe during their performance exuded total confidence and celebration. Their dynamic set really captured the crowd’s attention. It was a very deep sonic experience. I felt a lot off attention went into just how pleasant their mix was. they played several from their  debut, One, including a fantastic version of  Deception – Concealing Fate Part Two. Definitely a favorite of mine. This was TesseracT’s first US headlining tour and they sold out several dates. Drummer Jay Postones attributes that to their most current release on Century MediaAltered State, and their new singer Ashe O’Hara. “You never quite know when it’s time to headline the US, especially if you’re not from here, it seems like a really big deal to go out and headline. So it’s insane to come out here on our first headline and sell out bunch of the shows. I’ll put that all to the new album. People are already singing his songs,”  he tells me. Read more of my interview with him here.

IMG_6372 IMG_6477 IMG_6481IMG_6203IMG_6515IMG_6491

This is a tour photo in front of Saint Vitus. The Tesseract guys are on the left, Ancients through the middle, and Scale the Summit kids on the right.


Set List

Of Matter – Proxy

Of Matter – Retrospect

Of Matter – Resist

Deception – Concealing Fate Part Two

Perfection – Concealing Fate Part Four

Epiphany – Concealing Fate Part Five

Origin – Concealing Fate Part Six

Of Energy – Singularity

Of Mind – Nocturne


Acceptance – Concealing Fate Part One

All in one night y’all. Who loves you? Me. For your listening pleasure, I also made a Spotify playlist of the whole night. Check that here. For more pictures, also check our Instagram @metalriot.


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