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Eyes of Fire

Eyes of Fire
Hometown: Orange County, California Current Label: Century Media Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Matt Fisher - Bass, Vocals
Dan Kaufman - Guitar, Vocals
Nicky Bernardi - Drums

Eyes of Fire Bio:

EYES OF FIRE hail from the Orange County/Los Angeles California area. Their highly-anticipated sophomore release, Prisons, is a furious display of anger, beauty, creativity and sheer emotion, which is displayed in each track on this 10-track epic. Sit back, open your mind and prepare for Prisons, a devastating aural assault that will captivate your body and haunt your soul. This maniacal ambient savagery was originally developed years ago with Dan Kaufman (vocals, guitars) and Matt Fisher (vocals, bass), better known as the founding members and creative force behind the defunct critically acclaimed Mindrot (Relapse Records). EYES OF FIRE's debut offering, ASHES TO EMBERS, lashed out with a barrage of intensity, leaving the listener victim to a sonic pummeling, while still walking a fine line between melody and brutality. The album stunned critics and fans alike and gave them a much-needed alternative to the current influx of metalcore. The group succeeds in areas where most bands today don't even bother venturing; songwriting, hooks and emotion thus drawing similarities to such cult icons as NEUROSIS, AMEBIX, to ANATHEMA and KATATONIA by tapping influence from not only the masters; PINK FLOYD and BLACK SABBATH but from the bleakness of modern life itself. The addition of guitarist Bobby Thomas. drummer Nicky Bernardi and Pete Truax on Keys/Synth added more versatility, atmosphere and aggression to the bands' sonic chaos. This is extremely evident in their recent live performances as the group toured relentlessly during 2005 in support of their debut. EYES OF FIRE were on major tour packages with the likes of APOCALYPTICA, DANZIG, TRIVIUM, KATAKLYSM, LACUNA COIL and PRONG. This gave them the opportunity to bond with fellow musicians and fans alike. The hard work paid off and helped them garner a loyal and rabid underground following. In Jan. 2005 EYES OF FIRE entered Grandmaster Recorders (TOOL, NIN) to begin tracking their Sophmore album for Century Media Records, entitled; PRISONS. With the drums and bass firmly in place they finished the tracking at their own studio; Shiva Industries. The results were unlike anything they or anyone could have ever expected. They self-produced the effort, and upon handing the mix off to acclaimed Mixer/Producer Matt Bayles (MASTODON, ISIS), it took on a life of its own. Collectively the group has grown greatly as musicians and songwriters over the past two years and is now poised to show all genres what they are truly capable of with this release. A video for the track "It All Dies Today" was recently shot by acclaimed director Gary Smithson (EXODUS, HIGH ON FIRE, GOATWHORE) and will be included on the new disc, which will also feature a special bonus disc containing the lone track "Home" a stunning 25-minute barrage of solitude and intensity. There is a clear battle within each track on PRISONS that displays the anguish and despair people normally experience along with the perseverance it takes to prevail and make it through each day. The lyrical content behind such tracks as "Blood" and "Dead to the World" is of a harsh reality and the music provides the soundtrack to this emotional rollercoaster ride. This is an album that anyone in today's spite-filled society can relate to and also one album that will hopefully add a glimmer of optimism to it. In today's world of mainstream, corporate rock domination, it is rare to find a band that can make a person feel something special. After one listen to PRISONS, one can ensure that EYES OF FIRE will force an emotional reaction from the listener. The only thing is.... who knows just exactly what the end result of this reaction may be. ~END~ ***PRISONS is out now in a Limited Edition format which includes the 25 minute bonus cd of the song Home as well as a rough cut of the It All Dies Today video by Gary Smithson. With a layout design by Agni Kaster (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH) of exceptional, conceptual photography from many different artists/photographers, this 2xcd version of Prisons is sure to be a collectors item very soon!*** ALL THE EYES OF FIRE RECORDS AVAILABLE ON CENTURY MEDIA!!

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  1. Bibi2/18/2012 1:08 AM | Permalink

    too bad his aewosme voice just went to shit and they canceled their fall tour because of it. haha. looks like he didn’t know how to take care of it. fail

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