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Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 5:46 PM (PST)

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In the eleventh hour, I bring you my September wrap-up. Holy fucking shit September was one hell of a month. Fortunately, the new music has been good inside and outside of metal. Whether you’ve been trying to avoid Supreme Court-Senate-Nomination-Bullshit, or you’ve been raising all the hell about it you can, whether you’ve been working with survivors in an emotional time of need, or doing your best to survive on your own, whether you’ve been writing to cope, or just playing your show to get through – September was rough as shit.

I’m glad to come back at the end of every month, especially on months that this is the only post I write for Metal Riot, and share with y’all what I thought was really cool throughout the month.

Check out the four albums I enjoy the most this month here.

  1. Fit For A King is not a band I ever really listened to before. I know I write that a lot, I spent many years in a lull. I wasn’t listening to nearly enough new music, and now I have the means to, and I do, and I couldn’t be more fucking ecstatic about it. With Dark Skies Fit For A King have squeezed a fifth album into the 2010’s, with time yet to spare. Dark Skies offers a dynamic sound, with the bombastic sound of the opening track “Engraved,” with powerful, cleaner vocals (don’t get me wrong, it still has growls), to the heavier “Backbreaker,” which is my favorite song, with a hook that may just in fact break your fucking back.

  2. Second on my list are doom metallers The Skull. Their album The Endless Road Turns Dark is the band’s second studio album and fifth release over all. Eric Wagner’s vocals stand out to me and the title track as well as the track “Breathing Underwater” are two of the stand out tracks for me. The lyrics for “Breathing Underwater” are chilling in their relatability, “Father forgive me, have I done something wrong?” and “I thought I was drowning // thought about death // no one to hurt me, any longer.” It’s a really haunting track, perfect for somber fall days.Check out The Skull on Bandcamp.

  3. Downpour’s eponymous debut album is a great offering of metal. “Mountain” was my favorite track off the album, with it’s clean vocals and it’s enormous sound, calling back to a great tradition in metal, of a sound that reaches out as far as it can, to the person, to think of an interview Bruce Dickinson gave, all the way at the back and top of the amphitheater.

  4. Last but not least on this month’s list is Abysmal Torment’s The Misanthrope. The title track, which is the second track on the album, after an instrumental “Revelation,” stands out to me. Fast, as technical death metal is expected to be, “The Misanthrope” blisters and pounds unforgivingly. The album, the band’s first in four years, is not one any death metal fan is going to want to miss. I haven’t seen the music video for “The Misanthrope” yet, so watch it at your own risk.

Till next month! Stay strong, stay together, and keep fucking rocking!

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