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Fandom Sewage: The Stan Culture Norm Has Become The Last Verse Of “Stan”.

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 3:27 PM (PST)

wahhh…my fans suck and I don’t do nearly enough to condemn their bullshit

CW: A lot of bad shit. 

Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy. I wanted to just live my life and pretend the problem wasn’t as bad as it is but frankly, at this point…fuck you. It is more and more impossible to ignore that the MAJORITY of Stan Culture is extremely toxic, enabling and nihilistic. You think racist black metal trolls are bad? They are. But a lot of the shit pales in comparison to POP culture these days. Like, when did Pop become more nihilistic than the worst elements of the hardcore scene?

A friend who is a teacher the other day was telling me about some four year olds who she caught cornering a frog trying to murder it. They were gleefully laughing. She admonished them and picked it up and rescued it and put it near an empty non-functional pipe where it could escape and one of the kids said ,”I hope it still burns to death.” Frankly, while I know some kids that young don’t have the wits to determine what consequences are real and what is just a game, empathy is still a thing and if you don’t stop sadism like that it festers and can be habit forming. The story honestly made me think of the supporters of numerous pop stars these days.

If you allow nihilism as a social solution of course people will return to it. Ironically, many of them will probably use Frog avatars down the line. Some of them will just gaslight and say you “deserve” it for having an opinion different than them, which in Stan bingo of pathetic overused rhetoric is the box you will check off quickly where they say you are “causing drama”.

As much as I want to bitch about MAGA trolls and Gamergate types though, this article is indeed about Stan culture. Shit has gotten so nihilistic and out of control and NO, I am not gonna dig up “receipts” for everything I mention, assholes. Use your common sense. Anyone with a brain knows and can see daily the shit going on I am gonna talk about. We all know about Nicole Curran getting death threats over nothing. I am just gonna relate stuff I have seen myself or that I know is out there which happened to my partner.

When I was growing up I remember Axl Rose wrote “Get In The Ring”. He called out a lot of people he didn’t like in a song and said he wanted to fight them. In hindsight it is one of the worst songs by one of my favorite bands lyrically (the music kicks ass), and I appreciate how over the years Axl has tried to reform and also move more to the left, vocally opposes Trump and seems like a much better person than he used to be. I also these days CAN admire that he complained himself about who he disliked and didn’t send a mob of people after them.

If you show up to a fight and bring thirty people against one, you are a giant fucking wimp. Even more so if you bring hundreds of trolls and dogpile on someone’s personal Instagram for DAYS or WEEKS or MONTHS for disliking or critiquing your favorite overrated pop star! You got some issues Stan, I think you need some counseling. Err…Get in the ring, motherfucker.

You can make one tweet saying you aren’t crazy about something an artist did or a song and XXXtentacion, Charli XCX fans (the fucking WORST, forget what you heard about the Bey Hive) or other groups will make memes or super sexist psychotic comments bullying you within an inch of your life. They are often WORSE than NRA supporters or Alt-right groups! Seriously, my girlfriend the psych folk artist Globelamp fought for days with a pack of NRA trolls in the wake of her tweeting support for March For Our Lives but even the gun nuts and the right wing incels didn’t get as cruel and dark as some of the stan groups we have tangled with. Yes, I know incels actually murder people. I am just talking about our own experiences.

Globelamp…an actual angel.

There is literally a bingo card of responses you can fill out that you are certain to get from these mob mentality mindless stan dipshits. “Clout”, “drama”, “hater” will all be used against you and if you are, God forbid, a woman with their own opinion numerous people will call you a hoe or a thot or a stripper with no talent.

Read more BELOW.

Taylor Swift recently wrote the worst song of her storied life, “You Need To Calm Down”. It seems an odd choice for a title and potentially triggering to “hysterical women” coming from someone who was a Time Magazine Silence Breaker and who fought hard during the Reputation-era to reclaim her throne. Adopting the snake imagery as her own and standing tall brought her the highest grossing female artist stadium tour of all time and made KimYe look like idiots for saying she was “over” and directing a smear campaign about her.

Pitchfork wrote a 100 percent accurate article about “You Need To Calm Down” here. And yes, online bullying sucks, being petty for no good reason sucks. But also, you wrote nuanced powerful awesome songs like “White Horse” and “Dear John”, “New Romantics” and “I Did Something Bad”. This new song comes off as frankly juvenile and has a basic beat anyone could make and is pandering to trends and stream culture. You are already a legend and don’t have shit to prove. Why dumb things down? Why not write a killer ballad like “Ronan” but about Matthew Shepard if you want to be an ally? Taylor made a beautiful and historic pro-gay speech in Chicago that was uplifting and well worded. It didn’t feel like a Wal-Mart commercial like this song. Who gives a fuck if Lil Nas Ex beats you in streams for a month. You don’t have to make the most empty calorie material of your life. You wrote stuff at 19 stronger. (Update: Thank God the Todrick Executive Produced official music video for the track was GREAT! Loved it so much more than just the audio.)

I loved her last era and it is dismaying because the LOVER era has not been up to snuff so far. Taylor doesn’t like Twitter that much and meant well but within an hour her anti-bullying song was already used by shitty stan Twitter to perpetuate the kind of crap it says it is against. I can’t believe how grossed out and disgusted I was in just a few hours at the amount of people tweeting the phrase you need to calm down at anyone who critiqued it as well as rudely insulting and misgendering a prominent trans music scene writer/editor from Bandcamp and insulting them for a mild take that had some gripes about the song.

Wow, misgendering and mocking a trans person because you are defending not the best pop song that presumes to be FOR uplifting lgbtqai people. That’s…a different approach. Except I am not startled because stans do contrarian sick shit like that CONSTANTLY.

What happened Taylor also to ,”If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing”? A lot of people were empowered by that and a lot of people think it is ok to tell women to calm down.


Stan culture has become a sewer full of floaters with a rare tweeted diamond amidst the shit.

Literally under different posts on my partner’s IG right now you can have like a photo of our cat, or her in a garden or holding her guitar and under many of them are different fan bases cussing her out for something completely unrelated to the picture. Even a photo where she said/alleged she felt pressured into sex by Ariel Pink or she felt he’d withhold much needed carrot dangled legal help against her ex Sam from Foxygen (which Pitchfork recently covered at length finally), a very personal subject, tons of trolls supporting XXXtentacion called her names and “attention seeker” for daring to be wary of their fave rapper’s horrible sexist and violent track record in some tweets. She had to erase a lot of ugly shit on there. There is still some around on some archived posts and other posts. Lots of degrading fish emojis as well.

Uh, she’s an abuse victim herself. Why the fuck would she be racing out to stan XXX?

I get that sometimes it is bound to happen that someone mad will go on someone’s Instagram and respond to something and not everyone should be tone policed constantly. That is a far cry from organized targeting in large numbers.

Billie Eilish fans also attack Globelamp regularly now for saying she thinks the singer is overrated and doesn’t get why Dave Grohl said she was the next Nirvana since she can’t imagine Kurt supporting XXXtentacion (who bragged about beating up a gay man and said he is against feminism in his LAST EVER INTERVIEW – but he “changed”?!!) like Billie does.  She also thinks Billie having a kind of heroin chic miserable vibe constantly doesn’t seem the healthiest for teens.

PS if you mention the attack on the gay guy, XXX fans just say that in Jail “he felt threatened” at you over and over when from what I recall XXX said the guy only looked at him. He had previously already called the dude a f%^got and said he was going to kill him if he disapproved of him. Maybe he didn’t want to be stared at by the guy but he could have yelled at him or told a guard the guy was eyeballing him nude and none of that warrants a pre-meditated violent gay bashing that he laughed about in front of his mother, even if he has other “gay friends” as they claim. And Globelamp having a fucking opinion doesn’t warrant violent threats from idiots.

None of this shit is the best way to meaningful conflict resolution, restorative justice or even plain freedom of speech. Dogpiling? Really? So many times XXX and Billie stans say to Globelamp shit like ,”You should’ve known the cult was gonna come for you.” Y’all are so corny and like a shitty Hot Topic ass Fraternity of weirdos. Why do “outsiders” want to act like a bunch of fucking jocks?

They say he was completely innocent and that Geneva his abused ex “admitted to lying” (she says she never lied) and she was never pregnant and all manner of shit to defend him and how dare anyone speak ill of the dead. Pretty sure some charges were dropped against him BECAUSE he died, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have been found guilty.  Even if that WAS true it wouldn’t excuse shockingly horrid shit he said numerous times about women. They say he changed but in his name are saying super violent or degrading things that show ZERO awareness of them learning from the harm he caused. If Pitchfork was wrong about their articles about XXX why haven’t they been sued into a crater? Also, people say ,”They helped me with my mental health.” Good for fucking you. That doesn’t mean that was their whole legacy and so you are now bullying other people in the name of mental health? Woke.


Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish stans seem to be mostly faceless pictures of their fave who will troll you non stop if you critique them and say you are HARASSING them even as they ALSO dogpile on your personal Instagram posts completely unrelated to the subject. They say sadistic shit then whine that you are yelling at teens if you cuss them out back…even as most of them are anonymous avatars gaslighting who you often have no way of verifying are any age and aren’t troll accounts that are probably 50 year old creeps trying to lure people and commit crimes. These fandumbs seem like fucking Russian Bots tweeting Make America Great Again half the time. It’s fucking PATHETIC. Have any of you watched The Sopranos? What do you think Tony would say about respecting your elders?

Melanie stans hated Globelamp from the second Timothy Heller supported Lizzie against Foxygen and Lizzie, looking into Timothy’s claims about Melanie, felt Timothy seemed credible, kind and genuine. Melanie stans harass Timothy regularly and say she is the real abuser and are vicious and then gaslight and say “we are the nicest”. I have seen this go down cuz now they do the same to Globelamp. Yes, so now they also troll her constantly and tweet a triggering fake “Survivors of Globelamp” wix site that Globelamp’s enemies made on Wix to discredit Lizzie’s abuse story against Foxygen’s singer. Guess what? Sam’s own lawyer accused US of making that site cuz he said it looked so fake and then Sam STILL shared it on twitter to slander Lizzie. There was defamation formerly on the front of the site (which I will not link to) saying Globelamp has a lengthy criminal record and if we had any money we could sue. We also have a lawyer willing to testify that Sam’s lawyer told them the site seemed bogus af.

The things on that site are anonymous trolls or her ex producer Joel Jerome complaining she ate his food and is mean, a guy who she said during the power dynamic of making her Orange Glow album said he wanted pics of her for his “spank bank” while he had a girlfriend and who she said was often vulgar to her. She even has photos he sent her of dick drawings he made over her face. And there is something on there about one of her other ex’s who was witnessed to throw a mic stand at another girl and Lizzie into a desk before. The site is all bullshit. Oh, sorry…it does have tweets of hers cussing out people she knew like Waxahatchee for saying on tour that she believed Globelamp about Foxygen and then when Lizzie asked for solidarity stayed silent but had the time to tweet about Kim Kardashian, who has an actual massive amount of wealth and support, being robbed. God forbid a woman get mad ever at another woman she feels let down by, idiots.

I don’t remember Hanson having hordes of Walking Dead-esque zombie mindless stans in an algorithm surrounding the homes of people who thought ‘MMMBop’ sucked ass when it came out (which was the majority of the world). Y’all stan weirdos seem SUPER pressed that your faves can’t take ANY critique without you having to act so irrational and hateful in large roving internet packs. That looks weak, not strong. If you have to behave that way to bully writers or others into not saying they dislike something, that is super wack.

Globelamp has been a longtime Swiftie for years and years, even sticking by Taylor when it wasn’t popular. When the Reputation era happened at first Globelamp (Elizabeth le Fey) was excited to see Charli XCX open but then was dismayed when she learned Charli had supported shitty Kanye’s rape culture apologist The Life Of Pablo album with the super problematic “Famous” video. It made her wonder why Charli was on the tour and if she had disowned liking it.

Tweeting criqitue about it got the “Angels” dogpiling on her and saying Globelamp was a thot, wanted clout, had no talent. Lizzie is a great writer and guitar player and is a 4x Fire sign so cussed them out back with sass and said if she has no talent playing guitar and singing then Charli must really suck singing over electronic music and using auto tune on records (there is none on Romantic Cancer, Lizzie’s recent album on Nefarious Industries). They mock her album streams (super punk rock, y’all…capitalism matters so muchand isn’t evil and dehumanizing, you’re right) and say she’s a flop and a whore.

Because Globelamp dared to say that, even though we still went and SAW Charli’s opening Rep set live and enjoyed ourselves, Lizzie was bullied for months (and still sometimes is) by the shitty XCX stans. A lot of them were young gay men who displayed psychotic nihilism and made ghastly racist and homophobic memes similar to what Millie Bobby Brown went through attributing fake quotes to Globelamp saying she ran over babies or said the N word at a Starbucks…just endlessly stupid juvenile and disgusting shit. They edited her Wikipedia page to say she wants clout, made a website mocking the death from flu of Lizzie’s best friend Maya and endlessly body shamed her. It got so bad that even while ON Rep tour Charli tweeted about Globelamp being bullied that she didn’t care if Lizzie didn’t like her (Lizzie clarified that she DOESN”T hate Charli in a tweet response to her that fell on her fans deaf ears) and Charli said she didn’t support any fandoms bullying people that way.

That made me think Charli was cool and had a lot more integrity than some other people out there, but…

…Of course her dumb fuck nihilist dead eyed Angels said she didn’t mean it really and was serving “charity” and have continued as if she never condemned it and instead in Twilight Zone stan world they took it as ENCOURAGEMENT. And since Charli never said shit about it again they have never stopped and STILL joke about her and call her a desperate lying thot clout seeker. How am I supposed to support Charli when her fans are dead ass demonic towards my girlfriend? And you want to talk about “clout”, Lizzie doesn’t have a zillion features on her new album (including Sky, my next subject). Sorry, Charli…no actual shade intended at you – just saying your fans fucking suck and are the worst I have EVER encountered and it was really hell to see how they treated my lady. I wish I could be your fan but it is pretty hard under the circumstances when they still treat Globelamp like dog shit and definitely made us feel bitter. Even though I bet if they met in real life Lizzie and Charli might get along.

On the subject of clout, Sky Ferreira (who I thought did a good job in Lords of Chaos and I wrote about and supported it glowingly on this site) spoke about Ryan Adams -if I recall- and said she wished more of that would happen. Lizzie responded to her with a tweet ONCE sharing a link to her bad experiences in Foxygen which “allege” Sam France hit her in the teeth on the site of a previous injury where she had caps years earlier and when he hit her she had to get DOCUMENTED thousands of dollars of surgery and implants there. Sam even admitted to striking her in court but says in the transcript was asleep and she “got in his face” and yet somehow remembers their whole conversation while asleep. Globelamp maintains that is bullshit and she was struck after calling him weak willed about some band dynamics. The fans of Foxygen and flying monkeys we believe they either are or encourage constantly just say it was an accident and that is no evidence. My cat jumps on my face every day often with sharp claws to wake me up to be fed and I have never punched her in the face, y’know? Just sayin’.

I posted a video a little lower down of Lizzie commenting about her teeth injuries. And yes, conspiracy losers who have brought it up…she does say the word “accident” in it about being struck near the end but she doesn’t mean she was hit on accident. She has said in multiple instances it wasn’t an accident and used that word in the wrong context in the video below while also thinking about the first actual accident. She has ADD and PTSD and sometimes misspeaks.

Sky messaged Lizzie after that in a DM and we thought she believed and supported Globelamp and Lizzie thanked her. She then at some point got followed by Globelamp’s “alleged” abuser Sam France and we warned her he tries that with anyone who Lizzie talks to. Ex. Lizzie tried to reach out to Mitski once on Twitter for solidarity who of course didn’t help her since she is on one of the labels Dead Oceans that is affiliated with Jagjaguwar that supports Lizzie’s abuser and then out of nowhere we learned they were reaching out to Mitski.

Anyway, Twitter fucking sucks.

Since I have dated Globelamp in the past year and a half Foxygen also tweeted and deleted a fake “she isn’t done” murder plot NEW claim that I KNOW is fake and one of Sam’s supporters (a Satanist girl who posed as a born again Christian who I wont name here and we believe runs several hate sites against Globelamp) also made up a similar murder plot about us saying we ridiculously plan to kill …wait for it…Taylor Swift, Lizzie’s favorite singer. Sam also has MANY followers and psycho Darvo trolls who spy on us and harass us constantly 24/7 and make transphobic tweets about me, a non binary person, REGULARLY as well as a site I have reported many times on twitter that lies and says Globelamp abuses me and that I am a sex slave in a dungeon who needs rescuing. We have spent thousands of dollars in travel and court expenses we didn’t have trying to defend Lizzie from the DARVO and she has been stuck in California as a result for half a year in an ongoing nightmare and can’t be here helping me with my mother who has dementia.

Anyway, at one point in a DM I posted the link to above Sky said she had no money but would help if she could and asked if Lizzie knew good lawyers. We took that as her seeming to believe us about the DARVO hell Lizzie has gone through. He has MUCH more money than us and Lizzie moved thousands of miles to be far away from him on the East Coast but they constantly say she is stalking him and it is insane. He has also been able to leverage the legal system and that makes it hard for Lizzie to get justice when she has less money and bad faith “strikes” against her. We tried recently to get an RO on Sam- who says he is scared but has found the nerve to come on our instagrams and comment where Lizzie legally can’t respond and harassed us and her supporters. There are also MANY sexist trolls constantly mocking what she went through.

View this post on Instagram

i fucking despise people

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The court sadly didn’t let us cuz regardless that he dodged being served for months by hiding and the server telling us his parents pretended to not know where he lived he sent a criminal lawyer to the fourth court appearance who said Lizzie had an RO on her and thus Lizzie never even got a fair hearing of her claims against Sam and INSTANTLY the trolls started up online to anyone supporting her that multiple judges had ruled against us. We were, fyi, rudely woken up on New year’s by someone banging on the door to serve a five year expiring RO on Globelamp for the DARVO claims they made against her. Sam is in NO danger and never has been and it would have happened in the past five years if ever was going to. The court threw out zillions of things they tried to submit and no one has EVER gag ordered Lizzie from speaking up about her abuse. The RO was renewed because of one out of context video thing where she laughed at someone saying did they want Sam beaten up and because once in five years she asked fans to tweet at Foxygen that they sucked because she was frustrated that people like Bikini Kill, Kimya and Best Coast and others she thought she could go to for solidarity had left her feeling alone and in the weeds against her abuser and the powerful label backing them. Her domestic violence claims against Sam France have also never even been ruled on but they try to act like it was proven false. It NEVER has been.

Anyone who tries to silence a person from even talking…that is ALWAYS a HUGE red flag. Foxygen’s entire camp flipped out when Pitchfork dared to write an UNBIASED article based on court transcripts recently and Sam in particular talked mad shit on the site. If you are so innocent why are you so insistent on Globelamp being censored? Can’t you withstand scrutiny and not stonewall, a common tactic of narcissists?

Anyway, Sky liked a bunch of Instagram comments I made and since I often had really dug her friend Tamaryn’s work, who I think is amazing, made one of my favorite records in recent memory and is super talented, I was feeling positive about the development and glad for Lizzie that it seemed a prominent indie pop person like Sky seemed to not be bullshit and seemingly believed her over her known to be erratic af ex who is on a huge indie label Jagjaguwar which we believe often makes ladder climbing people discouraged to talk shit about them. Then Lizzie noticed while on her old punk band Meowtain’s twitter account that Sky had followed Sam France. She doesn’t follow that many people and we don’t lurk Sam. We want nothing to do with him but sometimes people tell us dumb shit Sam does, like when Sam started a record label called Fascist Records and thought that was a good idea in 2019. Hmmm…edgy.

Anyway, Lizzie got mad and asked Sky why she was following the guy we just warned her about and Sky ghosted her and then made some full of shit tweets – like a HANDFUL about it. We never asked her for ANY money but she made like seven tweets to her large fanbase implying that we were desperate and also liked a tweet by Sky Ferreira Updates account saying Globelamp was using her name for “clout”. Then Sky’s mom threatened to fight Globelamp and said that Sky “saw through” her bullshit abuse allegation. Sky also seemed to accuse Lizzie of being a random Swiftie account that was supporting Lizzie which said some personal stuff from Sky’s past about abuse and Sky was hurt by that, but that was not Lizzie. It is sad cuz they could have been friends and it could have been resolved with actual communication. Lizzie NEVER asked Sky to insert herself into shit by DMing Lizzie and making her feel hopeful. I know this was all a tangent but guess what…then we dealt with shitty Sky stans for weeks saying Lizzie was a liar about abuse. Awesome! And that I only ever wrote about her nicely before because I was an insincere ass kisser. Uh, no. I write about shit I think genuinely and have spent twenty years making decisions that probably hurt my career by saying my real opinions and feelings, so if I praised something it means I was being real and supportive.

Anyway, I am so glad I am a month sober again as all this bullshit drove me to fall off the wagon a few times lately and binge drink from stress. Personal stuff aside, no writer or regular human or verified artist should feel afraid to say their own honest opinion about something and that doesn’t warrant them getting swarmed on completely unrelated personal posts or bullied and harassed by vile life-needing sycophantic cultist gnats…who prob don’t even have the attention span for this article.

Come to think about, their names were, it was you

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