Fear Factory sign to Nuclear Blast, please use a real drummer

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, September 12, 2014 at 3:12 PM (PST)


FEAR FACTORY are currently working on material for their Nuclear Blast debut. The as-of-yet-untitled album will be co-produced by long-time collaborator Rhys Fulber, along with Cazares and Bell. A Winter 2015 release is expected. The current line up of the band is expected to be on the release:

Burton C. Bell – Vocals
Dino Cazares – Guitars
Matt DeVries – Bass
Mike Heller – Drums

While I wish it was Christian and Raymond, like most fans, I like Matt and Mike. Though even Olde Wolbers just commented in a Blabbermouth Thread that: “The real line up would make too much sense.”

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That said, when you have a classic reputation for great drumming on the albums, please don’t use a drum machine again like on The Industrialist, dudes. That record had some cool songs but I could not get past knowing how much cooler it would have been if Gene or especially Raymond or even Heller were on the album. It was cool in that Fear Factory have always toyed with the relationship between man and machine but it’s cooler when the man plays like a machine, dig? I’d rather listen to a bad mix of a good band like on Transgression than a great mix with a programmed drum machine, though that’s the rock guy in me. There are tons of great industrial albums Burton draws from for his influences, which is cool. Anyway…maybe Ray and Christian can start a band with Mark Hunter and things’ll get really weird. That’d be pretty cool, actually. Roadrunner All Stars pt. 3, since there is already Fear Factory, Two Divine Heresies, the classic version of Fear Factory people talk about, Threat Signal (not really but I’m a huge fan), Arkaea and the awesome Project Rogue to reckon with. I’m going to see Life of Agony at Starland in NJ tomorrow, so all this can figure itself out without me. Hahaha.

“Evolution and change are key elements in the non-stop growth of FEAR FACTORY,” comments guitarist Dino Cazares. “With that said, I am proud to be back working alongside the first man to believe in what we were doing back in 1990. He took a chance and signed us, and the rest is history. Monte Conner, once the main A&R man at Roadrunner Records, has now once again come back into the FEAR FACTORY family with his new home – Nuclear Blast Entertainment. We can’t wait to deliver an epic new album to kick off this new era.”

I thought “Bite The Hand That Bleeds” was about FF’s time at Roadrunner, but I guess Dino wasn’t on that Archetype album and clearly stuff was patched up if it ever had to do with Conner.

“FEAR FACTORY are truly one of the groundbreaking metal bands of our time,” adds Conner. “On their 1992 debut Soul Of A New Machine, Burton C. Bell introduced the world to the alternating heavy and melodic dual vocal approach that would go on to become a staple in metal to this very day. The following year, they were the first metal band to enter the industrial/dance remix world with the pioneering Fear Is The Mindkiller EP. And look at the countless metal bands who have since imitated the unique machine gun-style rhythm section, created when Dino Cazares’ staccato riffs locked in perfectly with the syncopated kick drums. I am excited to be reunited with this legendary band, and I am certain their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut will be another FEAR FACTORY classic.”

For the record, I am looking forward to it and long live Fear Factory, one of my all time favorite bands.

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