Finntroll members’ side project Decomposter writing and recording new material

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 7:36 PM (PST)

Finnish death metal act Decomposter has announced the writing and recording of new material and the possibility of a full album to be released sometime in the future.

Decomposter includes Finntroll vocalist Mathias Lillmåns and guitarist Samuli Ponsimaa and has several demos available for free download.

Click here for a recent statement from the band.

Decomposter recently stated about their future:

“We are currently (de)compos(t)ing new material and recording demos.  We have the basics done for 5 or 6 songs already.  Who knows, maybe we’ll put out a longer release this time, whenever that might be.  After these songs are ready, we have enough material for a full length LP too and also a full length live show.  The doors are opening, let’s see what happens.  Keep it up, Death Metal Trolls!”

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