Fistula premiere “Loyal to the Foil”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 4:29 PM (PST)


Ohio sludge dwellers Fistula have premiered their newest song “Loyal to the Foil”.

“Loyal to the Foil” comes off the album Longing For Infection which will be unleashed upon the world on July 15 via Patac Records.

Check out “Loyal to the  Foil” as well as the track “Too Many Devils and Drugs” here.

Head over to Decibel Magazine to stream Fistula’s “Loyal to the Foil”.

Frontman Dan Harrington on “Loyal to the Foil”:

“‘Loyal To The Foil’ was the last song we wrote for Longing For Infection. Bahb [Branca] and Corey [Bing] wrote the music, Corey and I wrote the lyrics… total throwback sludgecore banger. It’s kind of our take on a CCR ‘Looking Out My Backdoor.’ What do you see? I recall working at a record store which shared a parking lot with a Toys ‘R’ Us. More often than not, you’d find discarded syringes sticking out of the mulch, hidden in the bushes… or right out in the fucking open. Cleaning up that bullshit pissed me the fuck off. Shitty fucking human behavior, all around you. No matter where you live, something in this song you will be able to relate to. For example, the line, ‘Chew some Fentanyl and choke it down,’ was inspired by a friend who had a ‘fling’ with a woman who became disabled after chewing on a patch of Fentanyl to get high — to each their own. This song is for those who work night and day, stealing copper line, selling stolen copies of Rush Hour 2 on DVD for their big $8.00 payout. This song is for the underdogs, ‘Loyal to the foil and the rig ‘n’ boil.’”


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