From The Vault: Unearthing METAL CHURCH’s “The Weight Of The World”

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 11:22 PM (PST)

Only a few months into 2017, METAL CHURCH has already announced a Classic Live album, and has released a new music video for an updated version of their classic “Fake Healer” – originally on their Blessing In Disguise album. This new version is a duet featuring Queensryche singer Todd La Torre, and is already on my list as a potential single of the year. With all this going on with the METAL CHURCH guys, I felt it was the perfect time to dig one of their albums out from the vault. It wasn’t too difficult to pick an album either, and I’ll explain why next.

METAL CHURCH fans tend to immediately go to the Mike Howe or the David Wayne eras, and I love the hell out of both for different reasons, but I need to become the Matrix meme and ask “,What if I told you there was a ten year era that is getting criminally overlooked”?

In 2004, METAL CHURCH returned after a several year absence. The Weight Of The World was their first studio album since 1999, the year that also gave us Limp Bizkit and the great chipmunk fire of Woodstock 99. The Weight Of The World also introduced us to new METAL CHURCH singer Ronny Munroe, who gave us a total of 4 albums for the Church.

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Ronny came along at just the right time for me personally, as I was really getting involved with experimenting with music and my voice at that time. I recall buying the album the day it got released. I popped it in when I got in the car, and I was already convinced this man was the perfect choice for METAL CHURCH by the time I got home. The Weight Of The World is one of METAL CHURCH’s strongest records in my opinion, while being both very melodic and very in your face. The album’s opening track “Leave Them Behind” showcases all of this so strongly in 5 minutes and 45 seconds of absolute metal bliss, which is followed by the title track, and then my favorite song on the album, “Hero’s Soul”. “Madman’s Overture”, “Sunless Sky” and “Cradle To The Grave” all follow, further strengthening my claim.

What follows next is 4 of the most under appreciated METAL CHURCH songs, all of which are able to perfectly balance the heavy in your face sound while showcasing the perfect harmony between Ronny Munroe’s voice and Kurdt Vanderhoof’s guitar. “Wings Of Tomorrow”, “Time Will Tell”, “Bomb To Drop” and “Blood Money” all have that classic METAL CHURCH sound while being totally fresh. In Ronny’s 10 year stint with METAL CHURCH, they released an additional 3 albums following this, but The Weight Of The World is the one that meant the most to me. If you have not heard the album, I strongly suggest checking it out. METAL CHURCH will be releasing Classic Live in April of this year, so be on the watch for that. Ronny Monroe is no longer with METAL CHURCH, but is planning on assaulting our ears with his new project MUNROE’S THUNDER.

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