Fuck Yeah: Revocation release new album “Great Is Our Sin” on July 22nd

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 11:12 AM (PST)


If you are like me you are squirrel nuts for Revocation. To see their ascent the last few years has been exciting as hell, a new generation band that can carry metal far into the future. They have yet to make a bad record (seriously, check out even their early days on the recently re-released Empire Of The Obscene and in particular listen to the scorcher solo on “Unattained”…these guys STARTED out better than most of the bands in metal).

Not only is it exciting that Summer Slaughter has at least 6 decent bands on it for once, Revocation are going to be the best part of the tour this year. Seriously, I’d rather see these dudes live than Cannibal or Nile at this point and have already seen Revocation three times live! And they def are way better than Carnifex, jeesh.

Today’s big news is a new album is on the way to follow up the excellent Deathless (it was super wack that Miss May I, who I otherwise don’t hate, named their record that as well). It seems like the new album, Great Is Our Sin, will continue to show the more serious side of the band that their Metal Blade tenure has ushered in. That’s cool with me. While they have had some silly moments here and there like the classic “Reanimaniac” breakthrough Relapse single years back from when they were a shirtless trio, Revocation are at their best on songs like “The Blackest Reaches” or their latest single “Communion” where they are white knuckle riding the history of metal down a flaming path of coals and skulls into infinity’s yawning maw.

Great Is Our Sin is slated for a July 22nd release date via Metal Blade Records. The first song from the album, entitled “Communion”, is available for streaming starting today. Head to to get a first listen to the track and pre-order your copy ofGreat Is Our Sin today!

Front-man Dave Davidson commented about the first track: ”‘Communion’ is the fastest song we’ve recorded to date, and while it’s blistering in terms of speed, there are also some proggy elements present to add contrast to the aggression.” 


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