Fun Rage meets Zep Mash Up from Sister Sparrow at Mountain Jam

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, June 20, 2014 at 12:04 PM (PST)


So Mountain Jam in my Upstate. NY neck of the woods is fun and all, but decidedly granola oriented. I grew up and still live in the Woodstock, NY area, so unless my homies in The Felice Brothers are playing, I am usually not into the hippy-centric fests as much as I’d enjoy, say, Deathwish Fest this year,

Mountain Jam had The Roots one year, which was super dope. Generally it has the jammier likes of your Umphrey’s McGee type bands and isn’t a place you’d expect to hear much hard rock, unless Les Claypool is in a frisky mood and busts out some “Damn Blue Collar Tweekers” on that ass.

Anyway, I didn’t go this year but just saw a fun mash up live performance by a very energized Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. What can I say? I now have a crush on Arleigh Kincheloe. Her stage presence and voice in this clip are awesome and I like how she genuinely just looks fuckin’ sexy as hell and in charge without it being some gimmick. The talent is obvious and it should be more about that than someone’s gender. But yeah, she’s totally a babe!

If you can step back from the death metal to enjoy some hard rock (and a face melting harmonica solo near the end of the number), you’ll have fun with this, promise.

At first I was like,”Aww, the dudes in the man are making white guy blues faces when they get into it”, but by the end they are killin’ it and just really obviously rocking out hard.

Click HERE and enjoy.


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