Funny Metal Shit Monday: Justin Bieber Vs. Slipknot

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 7:49 AM (PST)

A good Monday to all you Metal Rioters out there and welcome to another edition of Funny Metal Shit Mondays. The place where you come to get your metal fix and laugh away the dreariness that is the dreaded Monday.

Today’s Funny Metal Shit is truly an epic metal mashup. This week’s Funny Metal Shit Monday is presented to you by Isosine, who has a true talent for creating remixes, mashups, and original pieces of aural art. And remember, as Slipknot reminds us, “the reign will kill us all… / Throw ourselves against the wall / But no one else can see / The preservation of the martyr in me”.

Get it here.


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