Godflesh begin writing new album

Posted by Metal Dude on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 3:43 PM (PST)

British industrial metal pioneers Godflesh have begun writing new material for their first album in over a decade. Band founder Justin Broadrick explained this to Decibel magazine:

“[The songwriting process is going] really, really slowly. I guess because I’ve had my son, it’s slowed things down a bit for us. I mean, [fellow Godflesh founding member] Ben Green got married last year and he still holds a very good job, so he’s very busy, we’re both very busy but we have a lot of ideas. Also, there’s no way we’d approach a new record just to milk the newfound popularity of Godflesh. I mean, it could take another year before we release something, and even the intitial impact of the reformation could have subsided by then, but that’s kind of meaningless, really; it’s just making another really good, cold and bleak record. And it’s more than in us, it’s in me, it still translates the same emotions that I’ve been struggling with all my life.”

Godlesh released their final studio album, Hymns, in 2001. After splitting up in 2002, the band got back together in 2009.

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